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As I start a new week, I pause to think about and evaluate my relationships.  Specifically, I think about my relationships with the environment, my co-workers, friends, family, and most of all myself.  I also think about my relationship with the Oneness, which I define as everything I see, touch, smell, and hear.  I invite you to do the same.

I ask myself, are my relationships healthy?  What contributions am I making toward my relationships?  Are they positive or negative contributions?  For example, in looking at my relationship with the environment, am I aware of my environment and things I could be doing to make it a healthier one?  In looking at my relationship with myself, am I treating myself with loving kindness?  Am I taking care of my physical and mental being in an effort to achieve optimal health?

Research has shown that a healthy diet and active lifestyle lead to greater longevity and increased happiness.  It is about valuing ourselves enough to take care of our bodies and nurture our minds with positive thoughts.  What we put in, we get out.  If we put positive thoughts and energy into our minds, we get peace and happiness in return.  If we put good nutrient dense foods into our bodies, we get good health and lack of disease in return.  It is the whole cause and effect law in action.  Our thoughts and actions (which are the cause), lead to the effect or the outcome.  What I have found true for myself is that, the way I feel is a direct effect of my thoughts and/or actions.

In conclusion, it is important to ask ourselves these questions and to evaluate, and think about, our relationships.  Again, it is about all our relationships that help us create a happier, more balanced life that leads to optimal health.  Today I stop to reflect on how I can foster better relationships and I hope you will be encouraged and inspired to do the same.

As always, your comments and feedback are so appreciated and welcomed.  I look forward to hearing from you. Have a peaceful week and I will see you again next Sunday where I will share more of my thoughts.


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  1. Vince, great words. Keep listening to God and following dreams and visions. Love you.

  2. I try to surround myself every day with positive thinking people. I believe in the law of attraction. Great blog!

  3. That is very good information uncle Vince I look forward to reading more of your blogs .like some one said on here I definitely makes you think about things
    We love ya & look forward to this Sundays new blog.!!!!!!

    1. Forrest,

      Thank you so much. I love you and appreciate your support of me. I am so happy you’ve decided to join me in this new adventure in my life. I hope you will find the information to be helpful and inspirational. Love you!

      Uncle Vince

  4. Vince, I so agree with all you said. Donald and I were married 52 years August 31, 2015. It has been a wonderful journey and I hope many more.

    1. June,

      First of all, congrats on your 52 years of marriage. Such a beautiful thing and rarely heard of nowadays. Thank you so much, June for your support of me and for your participation in this blog as I share important information for us all.


  5. Great article and advice Vince. As I get older and hopefully wiser, I’m always seeking ways to improve my quality and outlook on life. I’m looking forward to your blog and positive insight.

    1. Oh Kathy, thank you so much for sharing. You are so right, I think with age comes wisdom and a different way of thinking. I look forward to us sharing with each other.

      Peace and blessings

  6. Hello Vince,

    Enjoyed reading your blog and looking ftoward to reading more.
    Well done.


  7. As I read through your blog , I realize how good it is to nourish our relationships especially the one within ourselves. You have definately made me think.

    1. Sheila,

      Thanks for your words. It is my goal to provide thought provoking content so I appreciate your comment. I look forward to sharing more and also hearing more from you.

      Peace and blessings

    2. Peaceful prose. Thank you for the gentle reminder that our glass can always be half full. It is up to each one of us to live that view. Namaste.

  8. Great insights on relationships and how they impact our health. We create our own reality through our responses to our environment. Relationships are a big part of the intangibles of the world which can make life worth living…or not. How we respond is key to our fate.

    1. Marianne,

      Thank you so much for your thought provoking reply. I value your feedback and appreciate you. You are right, our response is vital to our fate. Our thoughts create our reality. Look forward to sharing more and getting your feedback as well.


  9. Vince as always I am amazed by your wisdom and clarity of thought!! Looking forward to future articles/blogs. Proud of you my friend

    1. Diane,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I am so grateful to be fulfilling my passion and appreciate your support and feedback.


  10. Vince!!

    I think this is a great idea…we can never hear too much about treating ourselves well. Awareness is thank you for reminding us!

  11. Vince –
    Really enjoyed this piece. I tried to leave a reply earlier, but think it may have failed to post. I asked a question in direct response to something you said above: “….Our thoughts and actions (which are the cause), lead to the effect or the outcome. What I have found true for myself is that, the way I feel is a direct effect of my thoughts and/or actions.”

    Specifically, what role does your faith/spirituality play in the day-to-day professional decisions and relationships? How can we keep those healthy when there seems to be so much negativity around us?

    Your thoughts?

    1. Thanks Nick,

      Knowing and feeling, from a spiritual perspective, that there has never been a time, nor will there ever be a time when inner guidance is not available to us all. I’ve learned to trust and listen to that inner guidance particularly in my day-to-day professional decisions and relationships. Call it intuition or Internal GPS system if you’d like. We must take time to listen to it. Negativity is always around. The world thrives on negative news. They love it. For me, I have made a decision to only expand on , and give life to, the positive thoughts. We have a choice. Again,, my spiritual practice of meditation has been the key for me. Taking time to reflect, meditate and listen to that inner guidance. Hope this was helpful. Thanks a million for your feedback.

    1. Thank you Brian. Make sure to sign up to receive my weekly blogs by email. Your feedback and support are appreciated. It is feedback from others that helps improve my content.

    1. Thanks so much Towanda. I hope you will sign up to receive my weekly blogs by email. Your feedback is important to me. I love hearing others perspectives as well.

  12. Very well stated Vince, loving the encouraging words. This is so your calling!!! Thanks for sharing.

  13. Vince, it appears you’re seeking a better trail along this great journey. I recognize the points you’ve made because they’ve become essential to my way of life too. I’m delighted that you’re publicly sharing specific awakenings that are making you happy and alive! I sense a spiritual side to you that has always been there and now is being nurtured thoughtfully with the same care you’ve shown others in need.

    1. Oh Beth, thank you so much for your beautiful words. Life is a journey and like all journey’s there are bumps in the road. The bumps in the road can be awesome lessons that awaken us and lead us to a better path. Precisely where I am and grateful to be here. I look forward to hearing more from you on my weekly Sunday blog post. Thank you so much for your support and for being part of my passion.

  14. Very well written. Your positivity is something everyone could learn from. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Amy,

      Thanks so much for your feedback and support. We have a choice to choose positive emotions or negative emotions. Our choice affects how we feel and how we see life in general. Thanks again. I hope you will sign up to receive the weekly blogs by email. I look forward to more of your feedback.


  15. Great follow up to your first post. I believe you could also call this your “social health”. The social aspects in our lives have a profound effect and affect our physical health. Being aware and identifying our bodies reactions to our relationships can go a long way in keeping us healthy in all aspects. Keep the good work coming.

    1. Gregory,

      Thanks so much for your time in replying to my blog post. Your thoughts are very insightful and have given me something to think about. Having a conscious awareness to our bodies feelings and reactions is very important. I call it our internal GPS. It is important to listen to our inner guidance which falls in line with being aware. Thanks again. I look forward to more of our feedback.


  16. Good post Vince, thanks for sharing! You touch on something that is very important to me, that I need to do more often and with more consistency: take the time to stop and reflect.

    1. Marvin, thanks so much for taking time to read my thoughts. Your feedback and time are appreciated. It is interesting that you talk about consistency because I just wrote an article last night about consistency. Stay tuned. 🙂

    1. Kelvin,

      Thank you so much for taking time to read my thoughts. I appreciate your feedback and look forward to us sharing more with each other. At the end of the blog, you can also choose to be part of the email list that sends the weekly blog straight to your email. Be sure to sign up. 🙂
      Thanks again.


  17. Thank you Vince, a very good and encouraging word! I believe that I can be a better person to myself, my environment and my friends. This also encourages me to evolve the way Gods plan was for my life! Again thank you

    1. Trena,

      Thank you so much for the feedback. I believe we all can be more consciously aware of our relationships and how we can contribute to them in a more positive way. Thanks for sharing.

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