Letting Go February 14, 2016

Letting go, or releasing something, can be a negative or positive experience depending on how we choose to view it.  It is always our choice. Letting go is often vital for our personal growth but can be challenging.  It takes courage and faith because we can’t always see what lies ahead.

There are many things that we choose to hold onto in life that keeps us from growing and moving forward.  I like to call them unhealthy attachments.  We may be holding onto old thoughts, personal experiences, past relationships, negative emotions and feelings, or current job.  It is easy to get stuck in our comfort zone and allow fear to keep us from changing. When we hold unhealthy attachments, we prevent ourselves from fully experiencing the present and the future.

I recently left a job that could be considered a cakewalk in terms of nursing positions.  It was about a 2 out of 10 on the stress continuum.  However I was not challenged, inspired, or motivated.  I also did not feel appreciated by my manager.  I was, however, comfortable. It was easy money. It was difficult to make a decision to leave such an easy position, not knowing what the new position would be like. Ultimately, I made a decision to step out of the boat and into the water.  It took faith and courage. The new job is going great with a lot of new learning and growth.

What are you holding onto that is keeping you from moving forward, learning, and growing?  Are you in a toxic relationship or just holding onto a relationship because it is comfortable?  Are you holding onto negative feelings such as anger, resentment, jealousy or bitterness?  Are you choosing to hold onto negative thoughts?

Deciding to view things positively will empower you to make the right decisions and let go. Negative thoughts and self-criticism do not make us better.  They only continue to make us feel stuck and unable to move forward.  Let go today of whatever is not serving your better good.  Move forward knowing that what lies ahead is something beautiful.  Move forward knowing that you are enough.  Choose to let go of whatever is having a negative impact on you and taking up precious mind space.  Remember, new beginnings are always possible, no matter what.  It is your choice and yours alone.


Peace and blessings

3 Replies to “Letting Go February 14, 2016”

  1. Good morning Vince,
    That’s true if a person is in a bad relationship, or having memories from the past you are hanging on to, is not going to help you move forward to the future. It will nag and nag you like an ignoring bug. Squash that bug thoughts and move forward into the future.

    1. Dianna,

      As always, thanks for your feedback. Holding onto things, whether it be substance abuse, negative emotions or whatever, definitely keeps us from moving into our greater self. Have a great week.


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