Winter Silence: February 28, 2016

Winter Silence 

As we near the end of winter, I think about the silence that winter brings. Longer days of darkness, no more birds chirping, no more leaves rustling in the trees, no more kids running around outside, or cookouts by the pool. I also think of winter as a time of hibernation. A time when people typically spend more time indoors.

February 2015 in the middle of the cold winter, I moved out on my own, for the first time in about 24 years, after a challenging and difficult break-up from someone I loved dearly. I went from living in a 6-bedroom/5-bath house, to a tiny one-bedroom apartment. I was afraid, sad, and lonely. I was afraid of the silence. I pondered the question why am I 52 years old and alone? I wondered if I would be alone for the rest of my life. It was a dark  silent time.

Life is kind of like the ocean with our surface mind being like the waves, on the surface of the ocean, which are always moving and never still or silent. If you go deep into the bottom of the ocean, however, it is calm, still, and silent. The same is true for our minds. If we go deeper into our minds, it is calm and still.

This past year has taught me that at the center of my being is a place that nothing or no one can disturb without my permission. For the first 6 months of living alone I was living on the surface. I was in the surface mind. Worried, fearful, lonely and sad. After a period of time, I realized that I could go into my deeper mind where there was peace, calmness, and silence. I could go to the center of my being. The past year of silence and being alone has lead to tremendous self-healing, a beautiful reconnection to my spiritual being, and great personal growth. Turning inward to my deeper mind and diving deeper into the ocean has helped me reconnect with my inner sanctuary. Something we all have inside of us if we take the time to be silent. Do not look for a sanctuary in anyone except yourself. I was looking for my sanctuary in other people not being aware that it was inside of me all the time.

As the time recently came for me to sign a new lease on my tiny modest apartment in the city, I found myself back in my surface mind experiencing sadness and realizing that I would be alone again for at least another year. As much as I tried to go back into the deeper mind, I struggled. I stayed on the surface for about 3 weeks, sad and miserable. Then my dear friend and life coach, Greg reminded me that by signing a new lease I just bought myself another year of self-healing, another year of focusing on my spiritual connection, and another year of independence. What a beautiful thing to realize for myself. It changed my whole outlook on the situation.

Silence is where our answers come from. The answers to all our tough questions are already within us. We just have to be silent and ready to receive the answers. They may not be the answers we want to hear which has sometimes kept me from asking.

You can experience Winter Silence year round. Sit aside several times a day to just be silent and focus on your breathing. Focusing on your breathing will keep your surface mind from wandering. On exhalation, dive deep into the ocean, deep into your mind. There you will find peace. There you will find answers to your questions. There you will find silence. This takes practice and consistency but the benefits have been life changing for me.

How do you connect to your inner sanctuary? How do you connect to the center of your being? Do you practice silence? I would love to hear about your experiences as well. It is my hope that you all have a week of connection to your deeper mind, the center of your being, your inner sanctuary. Have a peaceful week and I’ll see you next Sunday for the weekly Sunday blog.

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Peace and blessings

16 Replies to “Winter Silence: February 28, 2016”

  1. What an awesome testimony for all of us who love you Vince.Your sharing this is an inspiration to me.I look forward to your blogs,and hope you keep them coming

  2. Thank you Vincent. So beautifully put. Winter, and Silence are our times of rest, restoration, and recharge. It is after winter that we celebrate spring, a time of growth, rebirth, creativity and great beauty. We only need to look at spring to find the Promise of that time of creativity and great beauty. In our darkest moments, if we can only find that Promise in our silence, it might give us the hope that we need to make it through. Spring is almost here, and with it another rebirth. I look forward to the beauty that it brings. Find the love in your silence, and let that love be your sunshine. It is that light that gives others a hope of Spring!
    Let it shine!
    Peace and healing!

    1. Greg,

      Thanks as always. I love your thoughts about Spring and re-birth. Actually everyday is a re-birth. A renewing of our minds. A mindful awareness of the divinity within us all.
      Much love

  3. Vince as you know my mother passed away December 2015….she was my world. I to felt alone, depressed and wanted answers. You are truly in you element and I look forward to reading your blog each week. Thank you for opening up your life to the world..each reading makes me stronger. Also thank you for the friendship and support. I’m still searching for that silent place!! Have a bless day!!

    1. Cedric,

      You too are a bright light for sooooo many people. Your bright smile and loving spirit is a great encouragement to many including myself. You need not search for peace. It is already at the center of your being. It just takes practice to reside there. Practice through meditation, daily silence, and prayer. Getting back in touch with your deeper self. Your spiritual connection. Love you much.


  4. Good morning Vince, I’ve learned all the years I have been living in Atlanta, I can’t depend other people peacefulness. Everybody don’t have peace in their lives. I have to find peace within myself. Peace, love, joy, harmony, and rhythm . I’ve gotten better at it. I refrain from watching TV so much and listening to what’s going on in the world. I Mediate, pray, and I fast for 2 to 3 days. I pray for you Vince that God will bless you with Peace and love .

  5. I also am preparing to make a big change in my physical living situation. I plan to sell my house, where I have lived for 25 years, enjoyed a deep and satisfying marriage, and raised my children. The sheer amount of things that we have accumulated over this time is overwhelming, and I have to go through and let go of many items. Your comments about diving down are very encouraging.

  6. Hi Vince , I realize how hard it is to be alone. I grew up thinking that all I wanted to do was get married and have a family. Two failed marriages and three kids later I was still seeking for someone to make me happy. Finally at fifty years of age I came to the realization that God and I were enough and that my inner self had to be healthy before I would be healthy for someone else. If that never happened I finally knew I would be ok. It took a lot of years and slot of pain and mistakes but I have learned to be content just where I am and the peace and satisfaction is very liberating!! Thank you for your insightful sharing. I love you!!

    1. Diana,

      What I have realized is that we are never alone. We have the one source, God, inside of us and with us at all times. I love you too and so appreciate you!

  7. Know I have always thought you are one of the most gifted people I know….the chaos wants to steal our peace & gifts. Have certainly pondered if the rest of my life will be spent alone. Then remember some of the last words from my mom, “you’re never alone”. Praying you keep pressing for that inner peace <3

    1. Geneva,

      Thanks for your kind words. You are so right. The chaos of today’s world can steal our silence and peace if we allow it to. It is becoming increasingly important to find that inner space where no one or no thing can disrupt. Love you much and pray for peace and blessings for you.


    1. Thank you Cristy. Love and appreciate you! God is so good. He lives in me and flows through me and it is obvious that he flows through you as well.


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