Are you the healthiest you can be? Its your choice: March 6, 2016

Are you the healthiest you can be? It’s your choice: March 6, 2016

Are you the healthiest you can be? If not, what decisions can you make to change that? Optimal Health is the most important asset you can have in life. Keeping in mind that the 3 dimensions of Optimal Health (Mental, Spiritual, and Physical), all work synergistically with each other. It is impossible to be in excellent physical health and poor mental health.   For example, research has shown that stress leads to disease and illness. Stress is a mental issue that greatly affects our optimal physical health. Stress causes the release of a hormone, in our body, known as cortisol. Cortisol increases inflammation, throughout the body, which makes us more prone to many diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

I am reminded of a time in my life when I wasn’t healthy. I was disconnected spiritually, I was in poor condition physically, and I was a wreck mentally.   I finally realized that I was a wreck mentally because I was disconnected spiritually and I was in poor condition physically because I was a wreck mentally. No separating the three. For me it started with my spiritual being.  Through a process of silence, meditation, prayer, and reconnecting with a spiritual center, I was able to begin to heal myself spiritually. The rest is history. The mental being and physical being had to come in alignment with my spiritual being. We are all spiritual beings having a human experience. The problem for me is when I start to think, feel, see, and do things the human way instead of the spiritual way. I get it twisted and it takes a constant mindful awareness to keep it straight.

Spirit is unconditional love for every living being.  Spirit is truth. Spirit is compassion. I am working on always knowing that I am a spiritual being. Do I get caught up in the human experience at times? Yes, but those humans experiences only lead to lessons learned. They only draw me closer to my spiritual being. The closer I stay connected to my spiritual being, the closer I stay to optimal health.

Who wants to have illness and disease? It is imperative then that we understand that the connection to disease and illness lies in the spiritual and mental dimensions of optimal health. I trust this will encourage you to think about where you are in each dimension. If you are unhealthy, ask yourself the tough questions about your mental and spiritual health. Are you holding onto negative emotions?   Making decisions falls under the mental health dimension. Are you making the best decisions to be physically healthy? Are you exhibiting the true virtues of a spiritual being? Think about it.

Make a conscious decision to evaluate your every thought and action then ask yourself, am I coming from a place of a human being or spiritual being. It is my desire to always come from a place of spiritual experience in my life. I trust this will encourage you to do the same.

See you next Sunday for my weekly Sunday blog.   Peace and blessings!

8 Replies to “Are you the healthiest you can be? Its your choice: March 6, 2016”

  1. Your blogs are always relatable, this one really hit home! It is so vital to pull away from the world and re-center. It always helps put everything in proper perspective, we just have to set aside time to do it.

    1. Sissy,

      Thank you so much for your response. You are right. It is vital to pull away from our environment and go to our center being. I am learning to do that wherever and whenever I need to. It does take practice. I appreciate you and your support.


  2. “Spirit is unconditional love for every living being. Spirit is truth. Spirit is compassion.” and yet we let our spirit be broken, we forget to let our spirit be our guide. Our spirit is our connection to all things that are beyond the human experience. When we achieve balance between the three we find our true purpose, we attract the people, the journeys, and the things into our lives that bring the most meaning. We have come along way in this journey of ours.
    A day early or a day late, you are helping bring awareness and spreading optimum health with each post.
    Love, peace, and kindness

    1. Oh Greg,

      You always bring such awesome insight to this blog and I am grateful to have you participate. We all learn from each other on this journey and I appreciate learning from you.


  3. Vince,
    I’m seeing things in a better perspective, Since I had the Heart Surgery (Mitral Replacement). Before I wasn’t doing great I was a walking time bomb for along time. I’m doing better…. I cook better meals, I do not eat out at McDonald’s, Burger King, Hardees, Checkers, etc… I’m eating healthy. I pray everyday and ask God to Bless with me His strength, holy spirit to bless with the annoiting of His power. I go and work out at the gym. I’m happy that everything is coming together. May God bless you Vince and keep healthy and prosperous.

    1. Dianna,

      I am so happy that you are seeing things from a different perspective. Sometimes it takes things like you went through to bring us to a greater awareness and see things differently. I appreciate you.


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