The Last Quarter: March 27, 2016

The thought has crossed my mind several times lately that I am probably in the last quarter of my life. The average current adult life span in the United States is 76 years. The older I get, the more I realize that it doesn’t take long to get to 76. Time flies when you’re having fun.

Being in the last quarter is not a negative or gloomy thought for me at all. It is instead a time of gratitude, reflection, and contemplation.                                                                       Gratitude for where I am in this moment. Gratitude for what I have.                                 Reflection related to the past with all the experiences and lessons learned. Contemplation over things including, what do I want the last quarter of my life to look like, feel like, and be like? What experiences do I want to have in the last quarter? The beauty is that it’s all up to me and me alone. We have that beautiful gift called choice.

I have been working a tremendous amount lately, which has only led me to think about things more. I am feeling more like a human doing as opposed to a human being. In this last quarter, I want to be, and not just do. It is about balance, which is something I feel I have been lacking. Again, we get to carve out what it is we want our lives to look like.

I think of my Mother who worked very hard until the age of 72. Three months after her retirement, she was gone. It is important to experience life today. In this last quarter I want to be less fixated on getting things done and think more about my present journey. Seems I am always striving and trying to cross the finish line. I end up many times missing the beauty of being right where I am now. The destination is always within us. I have learned that for me, new insight and guidance comes from accepting where I am right now and being present with what is.

From an Optimal Health perspective, I want to be the best I can be physically, mentally, and spiritually in this last quarter. That may look different for each of us but again, it is up to us. No matter what quarter you are in, you can make it what you want it to be. Time is precious. I want to live, love, and serve more in this last quarter. I want to spend more time appreciating and being aware of this very moment, with no thought about the past or future. I want to take care of the body I’ve been given through proper nutrition and activity. I want to facilitate my spiritual growth through prayer, meditation, and anything that feeds my spiritual being. I want to take better care of my mental health by filtering the thousands of thoughts that come into my mind daily being careful not to give focus to the negative. Focus on the positive. Remember what we focus on expands.

It is my hope that no matter where you are on your journey, that you will take time to think about your physical, mental, and spiritual health in an effort to be the very best you can be. What do you want your life to look like right now? The answer comes from spending time in the now. Having an awareness of this very moment and the gift of this moment.

I look forward to seeing you next Sunday for my weekly Sunday blog. I hope you will be inspired to leave a reply with your thoughts. Your thoughts contribute to my growth and the expansion of my thinking. I stand in great appreciation of your support.


Peace and blessings

6 Replies to “The Last Quarter: March 27, 2016”

    1. Florida,

      Thank you so much. And thanks for signing up to follow my weekly blog. It is appreciated. It is my hope that we can all learn and grow from each other on this journey.


  1. Thanks for another great blog, I love the idea of “human being” instead of “human doing” Happy Easter, Vince!

  2. Vince, I don’t always reply, but I always read your blog. Words of wisdom from a person that I have known from a young boy, to where you are now. We should all keep our spiritual side growing, our mentality growing and our physical health in strides with what God wants us to be. Have a Blessed Easter. Love you. Shirley

    1. Shirley,

      Thanks for your reply. We do have a responsibility to take care of this body we’ve been blessed with. So many do not however. I see so much in the hospital that could have been prevented with proper nutrition. I love and appreciate you. Have a Happy Easter as we celebrate coming out of the tomb for all of us.


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