Heaven or Hell: April 17, 2016


As I awake to another Sunday, I think about what another beautiful day I’ve been blessed to experience. Keeping in mind that the experience is up to me. I am the only one who gets to decide what kind of experience it will be. We are always given the option to choose. We can choose a day of gratitude, service to others, and happiness, or we can choose to allow people or circumstances to dictate our experience. If we choose the latter, there can then be a tendency to blame others or blame circumstances on our bad experience. No one or no thing has control over your experience. This has been challenging for me particularly in the work environment. I have to remind myself that other’s opinions of me do not matter and actually never did matter. It is my opinion of myself that is most important.

I like to think of Heaven and Hell as states of consciousness. I can choose heaven or I can choose hell. I can choose to think about abundance, infinite possibilities, gratitude, happiness, and joy, which would make for a heavenly day, or I can choose to think about lack and limitation, sadness, anger, loneliness, and frustration, which would be a day of hell. I make a daily choice to be in heaven or hell by choosing what I think and by choosing my actions. What I choose to dwell on expands. What I choose to give life to by my thoughts and actions are what becomes my reality. It takes a moment-by-moment consciousness and awareness for me to stay in alignment with this thought process but when I do, I am at peace. I am constantly reminding myself throughout the day that it is my choice what kind of day I will have. Am I always successful? No. It is a work in progress for me but I am thankful for my awareness of this powerful knowledge.

With those thoughts in mind, make this beautiful day the best experience ever. Choose to be in heaven today. Choose positive thoughts and gratitude. Choose virtuous actions.

I hope you will take a moment to share your thoughts as we grow together toward optimal health. I look forward to seeing you next Sunday for my weekly Sunday blog.


Peace and blessings

6 Replies to “Heaven or Hell: April 17, 2016”

  1. This is very true. It is a struggle to keep focused in the right direction to be positive and happy. You are right in the fact that it’s our choice and only our choice. Very nice to see someone else thinking along those lines.

  2. Good Morning Vince,
    Everyday I waken in the morning, I choose not let my mind race all over the place. I Choose Heaven, gratitude, and joy. I’m at peace when I walk out my front door, knowing I’m going to have Victorious day!! At the end of day I’ve had pleasant experience.

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