Who are you? April 24, 2016

I started searching at a very young age for acceptance. It appeared to be elusive. Acceptance from my high school physical education coach, peers, church, father, and society in general. What did others want me to be? What did others expect of me? What were others perceptions of me compared to my perception of myself?

With the exception of my mother, I went through most of my life not feeling accepted. I knew from a very small child that I was different. I knew that my attraction to the same sex was different than what I was surrounded by and what I had been taught to be the norm. That difference left me feeling somewhat isolated and alone. It was a daily mental battle to try and live up to the expectation of others. It was a struggle to be who they thought I should be as opposed to who I really was. Living two separate lives was difficult.

It took me until much later in life to learn a valuable lesson. After so much hurt and rejection from others down through the years, I realized that acceptance and happiness are inside jobs.   I learned the value of fully accepting and loving who I am despite the opinions and thoughts of others. As I have become more awakened to the truth, I’ve come to realize that the journey to love and acceptance isn’t about finding “the one” to love and accept me. The journey is about becoming “the one” that loves and accepts myself. Who you think you are is probably one of the most important thoughts you can have.

I am now my true self in every since of the word and in every area of my life. No more need to pretend or be secretive about anything in my life. It is very liberating. I am blessed today to have so many awesome people in my life who love and accept the real me but more importantly, I am thankful that I love and accept myself.

Who are you? Are you living two separate lives? Are your actions and behaviors different around certain groups of people or are you really your true authentic self at all times? Are you harboring secrets? Growing up in church, I saw a lot of double standards.   There was a lot of teaching and preaching that did not line up with the lifestyle I was seeing in those doing the teaching and preaching. This was puzzling to me. Why were so many people living secret lives yet condemning mine.

I have learned not to let others perceptions of me define who I am. I am the only one who gets to define me. I am true light. I am created by the one source and one power that created all. I am a divine being. You too are all those things. Live your true authentic life.   Be honest with who you are. It is an important component to achieving optimal health and true spirituality.

See you next Sunday for my weekly Sunday blog.  I look forward to your comments and replies as we grow together on this journey to optimal health.

Peace and blessings


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  1. I would like to tell that your text is beautiful and I think everyone should read it, specially the ones who are passing through things just like happened to you. You made my day better with your words, Thank you! And keep on with the blog please!

  2. Thanks Vincent, for once again making us think a little deeper. Wouldn’t it be nice if as a child, our parents would stand us naked in front of the mirror and teach us to love ourselves just as we are? I once read a book on the traditions of some of the American Indian tribes. And, one of the coming of age traditions when a child was 10 or 12 , was for the tribe to come together in celebration of that child choosing who they were. The child would choose garments and tools that helped them identify themselves. It was at that point that point that they chose masculin or feminine. They told the tribe who they were and were then accepted. I believe there is purpose in our journey, and our lessons are ones we choose. These lessons make us stronger, and allow us to pass on teaching. Teaching that you are now passing on because of your journey.
    Peace , love and acceptance of you!!

    1. Gregory,

      You always amaze me with your beautiful responses. They are learning experiences for me. The power of choice is something we all have but many of us seldom use. Sometimes we feel trapped like we do not have a choice. Thank you as always for sharing and for your awesome feedback that is helping myself and my readers to grow and think.

      Much love,

  3. Thanks my dearest friend!! Needed that today… Love you muchly!! heart emoticon

  4. Vince, What wonderful thoughts today. I always loved you deeply and somehow our lives went different journeys. But very thankful that we have reconnected into our latter years. Praying it will bring us both continued revelation of our true selves and restoration! Your words are profound and keep giving us your best as it transforms others; whether through song or blog our God has a plan that he will continue to perfect until our very end… Love you more❣
    Melody 🎶

    1. Melody,

      What beautiful words. Thanks for your feedback and support. You are right, God has plan for us all.


  5. Vince, Amen brother loving ourselves is the only way! So many will judge, but Gods and ours are the only opinions that matters!
    Loving our neighbors as ourselves, forgiving all those who hurt or offend you! To not accept narrow minded views aimed only at hurting you! I don’t share the same battle that you find yourself in but as ,a brother nurse, I feel I too fight -to love all those who hurt us . A Romans Chapter 12 Christian ! You have always been a friend in the trenches at Saint Joseph’s I respect you as a caring man and a very good nurse!!!

    Jeff Greene

    1. Jeffrey,

      Thank you so much for your kind words and thoughts. I have always respected you as well for your compassion towards our patients and towards your fellow co-workers. You are a great example of God’s love.


  6. That’s a great question. I asked myself that a few weeks ago. I didn’t have a simple quick answer. I thought about it and was a little torn. Torn cause I was bits and pieces. A little of this and a little of that. Not one complete unit. I’m working on putting the puzzle of who I am together. But at the moment I’m good. I’m blessed and loved. That’s a great start.

    1. Reese,

      Thanks so much for your reply. I know at times it feels like we are not one complete unit but the reality is, we are. Sometimes the pieces of the puzzle do come unattached and we have to reattach them but we are still whole. Love you and appreciate your feedback.


  7. Good Morning,
    Growing up I wanted be accept by friends that were popular in school and in the neighborhood. I remember my Dad telling me you don’t have to be popular like those friends. They aren’t your real friends. You don’t have to live like those friends. You are accepted by the Supreme being. Be yourself you don’t need to change to be like those fake friends. In my life I have learned who I am nobody can define me. I am only one can define me. Amen!!! Much Love to you Vince💝

    1. Dianna,

      As always, thank you . You are so faithful to give your thoughts back to me. I appreciate it. Your Dad was right. You do not need to be popular with anyone but yourself. Self love is vital. Love you much.


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