The Right Path: May 1, 2016

The Right Path

It is sometimes easy to see the right path and have knowledge of the right path but we still choose to go down a different path.   This week has been a challenging one for me. I spend a lot of time writing about how to be at peace, how to live in the present moment, how to tap into our inner guidance, and how to live a life of optimal health. So I have the knowledge about how to do all these things but yet still struggle at times. We have all heard the saying, “Knowledge is Power.” What I have found to be true for me is that, it is not the knowledge that has the power, it is what I do with the knowledge. This puts the power in my hands. Or should I say it puts the power in my mind since my mind controls my actions.

I have spent the last year and a half reading, meditating, studying, and practicing spiritual law and ways to achieve optimal physical health as well. Even with all the knowledge I’ve gained, it is still challenging for me at times. For example, when I walk into the work environment and the many challenges there, I find it more difficult to put into practice what I’ve learned and what I believe. I have written about the importance of choice. The fact that we have a choice in whether we will be happy and joyful or sad and frustrated. I know that choice is mine and no one can take that from me, yet day after day this past week I have allowed someone else to make that choice for me.

I believe whole-heartedly in everything I write. I know it is vital to live in the moment. I know it is vital to spend time in silence tapping into my inner guidance and intuition. I know the power of prayer and meditation in my daily life. From a clinical perspective, I know the importance of proper nutrition and exercise. All of these things are key to optimal health in the physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions. Writing each week is a reminder for me of their importance. Am I always successful with all the things I know to be the truth? No.

So, when I have times where it seems impossible to put the spiritual laws I believe into practice, do I give up and stop? I have learned that when an obstacle seems determined to stop me, in reality it’s setting me up for greater success. In the challenge I rise to my own greatness, even if the process is messy.

As I ponder over my next path personally and professionally, I know there is a light within that will guide me.   Having no idea what’s around the corner on my next path, I am learning to trust it. I think we all get side tracked. I have prayed over and over again for inner peace and the willingness to be a person of grace. I also know that if I want inner peace, I must claim it.   The most important time to claim it is amid struggle when it seems most elusive. This is something I am aware of and am working to achieve.   We all have areas where that inner peace seems elusive. For some it is in the home. For some, like myself, it is in the workplace with so many politics, games, and bureaucracy.

In conclusion, the right path is different for everyone. I challenge you today to spend some time in silence thinking about your path. What is your path to optimal physical, mental, and spiritual health? Don’t be discouraged when the challenging times appear. Instead see them as growth and an opportunity to move you closer towards that inner peace and that right path.   Even though last week was a challenging week for me, this week I choose the right path. This week I choose happiness, inner peace, and joy. This week, I will not let other people or things change that. This week I take my choice back and I stay on the right path.

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See you next Sunday for my weekly Sunday blog.

16 Replies to “The Right Path: May 1, 2016”

  1. I very much enjoyed reading your blog I think it will be very helpful for me so I signed up for the emails! looking forward to reading more! 🙂

    1. Donna,

      Thanks for your response. I am thrilled that you liked the blog and signed up. Really appreciate the support. I too look forward to hearing your feedback. We all grow and learn from each other.

      Much love

  2. Loved it. We do have to be constantly aware of the right path for ourselves.

  3. Vince,
    I’m Happy that you choose the right path to happiness, joy, and optimally mental and physical health!
    As for Me I have my challenges Sometimes, when I to go to therapy 3 times week at Cardic Rehab as early as 06:30 a.m. hitting the treadmill, and recumbent bike etc……. In the back of my mind i am saying i want to be at home in the bed sleep. I have to keep reminding myself, I have to keep doing this for me. I’m not trying to go backwards again. I ask God to strengthen me and help me to stay focus on having optimal health, and peaceful mind. I ask myself these questions what is my plan after I have completed Cardic Rehab. Therapy….. I said self, I am going to continue my regime of exercising here on out for the rest of time because I’m bless, alive, healthy, and with God’s Grace to strengthen me to keep meeting my goals. God’s Grace is Sufficient!!😘

    1. Dianna,

      Thanks so much for sharing. What an awesome example you used about your cardiac rehab program. It was inspiring. We have to keep moving in the right direction even when it seems we are lost.


  4. Vince,

    Needed this today having to work 16 hour sift by
    Myself until 3pm. Trying to be positive jtst got 6 ct. Thank you and will be positive.


  5. I’m amazed at your point of view. It is close to my own personal opinions on the struggles that this life can bring and my ability to face then head on. Once again your have demanded my attention. I bet that this message alone would make for a wonderful topic to be discussed in a open forum just to hear and listen to others express themselves. Ultimately to encourage each other and to be the best they cam be without allowing difficulties and short comings to hold them back from greatness “individual greatness” thank you

    1. Nathan,

      Thank you so much for the awesome feedback. My stories are not unique. We all share similar experiences in life. It is my hope however that by sharing my experiences, others will be blessed and inspired. Your feedback inspired me. I am in gratitude for knowing you and look forward to us sharing more with each other.

      Much love

  6. Vince Thank you so much!!! I I Love waking up on Sunday mornings reading you Blog. Today’s word filled my heart especially with all that I am going through . I had to say to my self I choose to live. Love ya and doing well.


    1. Tonja,

      Thank you so much for your reply. I am so happy that you are receiving good from the blog. Your feedback also helps me. It encourages me to continue on. We have to encourage one another in this life. Continue to choose life and make it a happy one. Love you much.


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