The Blame Game: May 15, 2016

The Blame Game

The blame game is easy to play and I would venture to say that we’ve all played it in our lifetime.   The only rule in the game is that you always point the finger at other people or other situations instead of fully accepting responsibility for what is. Simple, huh? That is why so many people play. It’s simple. The real question is, who wins the game?

I have found myself playing the blame game many times in my life.   Situations such as the death of my mother, the break-up of my relationship, difficulty on the job, family issues, and financial challenges, all led to me wanting to blame others. I wanted to blame God for my mother’s death. I always wanted to blame co-workers for unhealthy work environments. I had a pattern of pointing the finger at other family members during times of disagreement or different views on things. Even now, there are times when I catch myself playing the game.

What I’ve come to realize is that playing the blame game solves no problems and brings no solutions or real peace. It was only when I looked inside myself for the cause that I was able to learn from the effect. I reminded myself of the truth that our every thought and action is the cause that leads to the effect. When we play the blame game, it translates into us blaming other people or situations for our own thoughts and actions.

Your situation is your situation. It is what you’ve created. Blaming others or expecting others to change your situation keeps you bound to that situation. I have come to realize that my occasional discord with co-workers, family, or other situations does not happen outside myself. Discord is an inside job just as harmony is an inside job. I have found it just as counter-productive to blame myself. There’s really no need to play the blame game at all. Blaming ones self also leads to no real solutions or lessons learned. There are no rights or wrongs, only lessons to be learned. When we play the blame game we get focused on the blaming and miss out on the lesson.

I am committed to looking inward in every situation. Not in an effort to blame, but in an effort to think about the cause and learn from it. When we are able to learn from our situations, we are able to express gratitude for the lesson learned. No blaming, just gratitude to the many teachers in our lives who taught us the lessons. Whether it is our X, our co-workers, or other challenging situations, we can see them all as our teachers because they taught us a lesson in life. It is certainly more difficult than playing the blame game. It takes more work and honesty with self but the peaceful rewards and personal growth are priceless and life changing.

Thanks so much for taking time to read my Weekly Sunday Blog. I hope you will enter your email address and follow my blog by email. Your support and feedback is greatly appreciated.   What are some areas of your life where you are still blaming others? Let it go and find peace in the lessons learned.   I look forward to hearing from you. We can all learn from each other by sharing our stories.


Peace and blessings

8 Replies to “The Blame Game: May 15, 2016”

  1. Hi Vince, Just reading your postings for the first time. Interesting reading but you’re very brave posting it, not that I have any secrets. You raise some good points.

    1. Thank you Karen. Appreciate your feedback and hope you will continue to read the weekly blogs and provide insight from your perspective.

      Much love

  2. I have been on both ends of tha blame game. You are definitely correct in the fact that the only one that can change your situation is oneself.

    1. Michael,

      Thanks so much for your reply. Good point you make about being on both sides of the blame game. Never thought of that. Thanks for your insight.


  3. What an in touch assessment Vince wonderful job my friend! When look to others to blame for our misfortunes we alienate those who we love the most! Also we can be our own worst critics! Love others as we would like to be loved can make disciples and not enemies! Great job !

    1. Jeff,

      Thank you so much. You make a good point about alienating people. Blaming does just that. I appreciate your feedback as always. You are a blessing.


  4. Vince,
    I have played the blame game many days in the past. Blaming people for things I thought were their fault. In all reality, it doesn’t work like that. My situation was my situation nobody problem but mind.
    When I got an reality check, I had to put things in perspective and get it right.
    Thanks Vince! Good Article! Love ya,

    1. Dianna,

      I am so happy that you are following this blog but more happy that it is resonating with you. Thank you so much my love for your continued support and feedback.


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