Past versus Present: May 29, 2016

Being Present

I often find myself putting so much thought and energy on the past that it prevents me from enjoying the present. I also find myself looking behind and missing what’s in front. Why do I dwell there in the past? It is challenging for me at times to cut the umbilical cord of my past and breath new life into existence.

I have learned the value of being fully present mentally in each moment. It is something I am acutely aware of and recognize its importance but still struggle with from time to time. I often find my mind drifting into the past when I am having a conversation with someone, watching TV, reading, working, writing, or whatever the task at hand. I miss out on the value of the moment. There are also times I have missed the beauty right in front of me by looking for it elsewhere.

I am single and back in the dating world again at 53 years of age. A place I never thought I’d be. This place however has taught me so much. In meeting new people and going on dates, I am learning just how many people still live in the past. So much so that it prevents them from living in the now and allowing something special into their lives. They appear to still be consumed with their past relationship. I have been there myself and at times still go back there. It takes time but we must eventually be aware of the importance of moving completely on from the past and embracing the present.

When we open ourselves up to what the Universe has for us, great things happen. We often limit ourselves with our preconceived ideas about what it is we need and want. Eliminating thoughts about the past and being fully present in the now opens us up to the infinite possibilities of the now. This is difficult to see if our mind is elsewhere and not in the present.

What is it about the past that is so difficult to sometimes let go of? I have to remind myself daily of the importance of being present. I find myself bringing my mind back to the now often throughout the day. Allowing my thoughts to dwell in the past to long puts me in a funk that only I can get myself out of. I have found it is best to recognize the thoughts about the past as soon as they enter my mind. Let them be for a minute or two and then move back into the present. At any moment we can choose where to put our focus, turning our thoughts of the past around. It remains a challenge for me but I am grateful for my awareness of it and will continue to deliberately choose where to put my focus.

When I focus on the present, I have a greater appreciation for what it is I’m doing in the moment. Something simple such as driving down the road can be a grateful moment when I think about my surroundings. When I look at the beauty all around me while driving, I appreciate it. When I stay in the present by looking at the trees, the skyscrapers, the other cars around me, the music in my car, the raindrops falling on my window, the blue sky, the birds flying, or the nice breeze blowing with my windows down, I appreciate all those things. If I am driving down the road thinking about my past, I miss all of that beauty.

I encourage you today to bring yourself into the present moment.   Be present in every moment of your life. Whether you are playing with your grandbabies, having an intimate dinner, spending time with friends, working, or just driving down the road, be fully present in the moment.

In this moment, I am grateful for your support. I am grateful that you took the time to read my thoughts. My desire is to create change and stimulate self-healing through my sharing of thoughts and experiences. I would be honored to hear your comments, as I believe we all learn from each other.

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Peace and blessings

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  1. Vince,
    I think that the process of aging also results in visits to the past. I’m noticing that as I age, I do it more frequently. The elderly sometimes live in the past. I’m learning to try to embrace it instead of feeling melancholy and sad- now, that is a struggle. Great article Vince! Gives us something to think about and we can all strive to enjoy the moments in life.


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