Challenges: June 5, 2016

Challenges: June 5, 2016

We are all faced with challenges in life. We can choose to view them as challenges or opportunities to learn and grow. Challenges are not unique to one individual. The rich, poor, famous, and not so famous, all face challenges.   Experiencing the challenges gives a new appreciation for the victories. We face those challenges in our spiritual, mental, and physical beings. A challenge in any of the 3 dimensions can affect our optimal health.

It is important to evaluate the challenge at hand. Why is this challenge in my life right now? What is it here to teach me? Challenges are part of the normal ebb and flow pattern of life, and can often bring us down for a bit. When we are down, it is an opportunity to look up. Look up towards the flow. Embracing the challenge as opposed to resisting the challenge is key to over-coming the challenge.

Our human nature tends to have us burying our head in the sand during times of challenge. Living as a human being, we deal with the challenges using our 5 senses to determine how we feel and what we see with our physical eye. Living as a spiritual being, we focus on our intuition and inner guidance. We allow our spiritual being to guide us towards peace during the time of challenge. After all, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

In my personal life, I am becoming more and more aware of the importance of living from a spiritual place and less from a human place. It lessens the load of the challenge for me. I encourage you today to face your challenges with inquiry. Face your challenges with courage. Face your challenges with the knowing that you will over-come.

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Peace and blessings

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  1. Why law yeah hunty …it’s just like a big ole roller coaster out there!

  2. Today a challenge, tomorrow a reward! It is difficult to see the payoff when we are in the struggle. It only takes looking the the news this week with the world losing “The Greatest” Mohamid Ali, to see how a “challenge” can lead to a reward. As a young fighter he found his spiritual self and stood up for that belief. In doing so, he was stripped of his title, and was face with tremendous ridicule, and back lash. He persevered, and became so much more than a boxer. When we are able to to stay focused on our spirit, we see that the bigger the challenge, the greater the reward.
    Thank you as always Vincent, for sharing your growth with the world.

  3. My Challenge is keep doing my Therapy at Cardic Rehab. For the next 30 days. I am in phase 3. I finished phase2 amonth ago. Phase 2 was the longest months for me, Feb thru the end of May. I kept pushing thru it….. It’s a challenge to keep hitting that Gym at 6:00 am everyday. I know I need this therapy. After phase 2, I saw the results. I lost 40% of body fat went down to 30% and gained Muscle. I was a happy camper. I’m going to stick with it even though I don’t want to get out bed sometimes. I know it’s a path to better Health!!!

  4. As I prepare to move to a sweet smaller “cottage”, it is a challenge to select the most meaningful items I want to make a space for. Knowing that this uncertainty is temporary helps, but is difficult.

    1. Nancy,

      I understand the challenge of moving to a smaller space. It is very difficult to decide what to keep in your space as you pointed out. I had to decide what actually speaks to me. As you also pointed out, what means something. I am sure you will make good decisions. I appreciate you!
      Best wishes on this new chapter in your life. Embrace it and enjoy it.


  5. Rough rocks in a swiftly flowing stream, eventually they become smooth. Challenges are like that in the stream of life.
    A car has four tires; they represent our physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental life. If one tire is flat it affects how the car moves on down the road. I learned that awhile ago, but balance is difficult in this time in our world.
    Someone once asked Paul why we have to go through what we have to go through and he said, “so we could help others get through it themselves”. I guess that speaks to our inter-connectedness also.

    1. Sibyl,

      Wow. Your stories and analogies are so thought provoking and beautiful. From myself and all my readers, thanks for sharing.


  6. Thank you Vince! This year has been full of challenges for me and it’s easy to let them bring me down. I love your reminder to live as a spiritual being!

    1. Cristy,

      Thank you Cristy. Keeping in mind that when I am down, it is a beautiful opportunity to look up, helps me keep things in proper perspective. Love you lots.


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