Comfort Zones: June 19, 2016

Comfort Zone

This has been a tough week for our country and specifically for the gay community. When I think of the tragedy in Orlando, I think of comfort zones. The gay bar has long been a comfort zone for gay people all around the world. A safe place where we could go to be ourselves and feel fully accepted. I remember the first time I stepped foot in a gay bar, I felt freedom. I felt loved and fully accepted for the person I was. It was comfortable. I am feeling like that all changed a bit this week. We were pushed out of our comfort zone in a sense. It seems this is not only true for the gay community but for all humanity. Places where we have always felt safe and comfortable are now places where tragedies are occurring. There have been mass shootings in churches, movie theaters, schools, and malls. It seems we cannot feel safe or comfortable anywhere.

Is it possible to get too comfortable? Are there times when we should leave our comfort zone? Whether we leave our comfort zone voluntarily or whether we are forced out of our comfort zone, there is a lesson to be learned. Even in the midst of the Orlando tragedy, there are lessons to be learned. I am however sickened by the people who say, this was God’s way of punishing the gay community. What about the mass shooting in the Christian church during bible study and prayer group? Who was God punishing? What about the mass shootings where innocent children were killed? Who was God punishing? What about the horrible mass shooting at the elementary school where little innocent lives were lost? Who was God punishing? If God used this kind of tragedy to punish us for our “sins”, we would all be dead because we all sin. The very thought that this was God’s way of punishing someone, is the very thought that caused this horrible senseless act to occur. Beautiful innocent lives taken out of this world.

We don’t need senseless acts of hate to force us from our comfort zones. God is in no way a part of any of that. We all have our comfort zones such as our jobs and relationships. It is necessary at times to leave those comfort zones because they are no longer serving our better good. It is necessary to leave those comfort zones in an effort to learn and grow. Sometimes we must release what no longer sustains our dream life to create space and time for our new vision. This is quite different than being forced from your comfort zone by someone playing God and deciding that you no longer deserve to live.

Evaluate you own comfort zones. Are they serving your better good or is it time to step out of your comfort zone and into a new challenge? In the meantime, allow others to live in their comfort zones without fear of being forced out by hate. We can’t change the world but we can change ourselves. We can practice more love and tolerance in an effort to create a comfortable world that works for everyone.

See you next Sunday for my Weekly Sunday Blog.

Peace and blessings

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  1. Greg,

    You make some interesting points. I think the gay bar in a sense was not only a comfort zone but a hiding place as well. I appreciate your perspective and thoughtful words. Much love to you!


  2. I don’t understand the ability of some to be so cruel and hate filled to commit such a despicable act! The gay community in Orlando was just the latest tragedy of such hate crimes. I feel God was crying just as we were hearing the news. Prayers go out to the families of all who were killed or wounded and if I am the Christian man I claim to be I must pray for the family of the shooter. I love your heart Vince being able write your blog every week, keep it going my friend!


  3. Thanks Vincent!
    I agree that that this week has been difficult, and for me every morning has included a moment of tears. As far as “comfort zones” are concerned, we have to ask ourselves are they a refuge,and place of hiding? Or are they a place of confidence and self worth? It is time that we turn those “comfort zones” of refuge into ones of confidence and self worth. When we are confident in who we are, and true to ourselves we need no refuge to find acceptance. For so many that died this week, their last words were words of love… “Mommy, I love you”, “I love you”! Even in the face of so much hate they found their focus to be love.
    In your last post you spoke of “having nothing in common”. It is in our commonality that we find comfort, but I also believe it goes a step further to confidence. Confidence to be who we are and to share and celebrate our differences. In life we need to have our focus be LOVE. Someone who FEELS loved could never act out with so much hate. I believe we are at risk of letting hatred become our comfort zone. With each of these heinous acts we are less shocked. Does that mean we are becoming comfortable with such hatred?
    I believe you are correct that we need to examine our comfort zones, and make sure they are serving a greater good. We CAN change the world but it starts by changing ourselves!
    Let your Light shine!!

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