Attachments: July 3, 2016

What are your ideas about the word attachment? What do you consider an attachment?   Does the word attachment resonate with you on any level? Have you considered an attachment, to a possession, person, or idea may be holding you back from your happiness or fulfilling your potential in an area of your life where you have felt stifled?

I have found that it is easy to get attached to many different things in life. We can get attached to possessions, people, and things. I have also learned through personal experience that attachments can be healthy or unhealthy and that some attachments are actually essential for growth and evolution. It is however important to evaluate our attachments in an effort to release the attachments that do not serve our better good. Release the attachments that do not contribute to our overall optimal health spiritually, mentally, and physically.

In reflecting back on the attachments in my life, I’ve given some thought to which ones were healthy and which ones not so much. I’ve also given some thought to the lessons I’ve learned in the unhealthy attachments. For example, I’ve experienced unhealthy attachments in my relationships with people where things just didn’t feel too good. There was always a lesson from the experience. I have found myself with unhealthy attachments to romantic relationships, friendships, and relationships with family as well as, unhealthy attachments to my possessions, my thoughts, emotions, and even my ideas. I was feeling stuck because of attachments to my ideas on various subjects. Ideas that I had outgrown. It wasn’t until I made the first steps toward detachment that the Universe met me there.

At times I have also found myself attached to my emotions and not wanting to let go of things such as fear, worry, anger, jealousy, or sadness. I became acutely aware of the importance of letting go of the attachment to my feelings as they were tied to my emotions and vice versa. Feelings are powerful but if we let them control us, they become unhealthy attachments.

Attachments, to my beliefs and thoughts, were another area I identified as unhealthy for myself. I was very attached to what I had always been told was right and what was wrong. Those beliefs and thoughts often flowed through me in the form of judgment, perceptions, opinions, and feelings about the world around me and about the people around me. I was attached to my ideas and beliefs about heaven and hell and which group of people was going where all based on what I had been taught my whole life.  This unhealthy attachment created unhealthy feelings of judgment and separation. It also disrupted my inner peace.

Why do we stay connected to unhealthy attachments? I know for myself that I became afraid that I could not exist without this belief, person, or thing. In my personal experience, practicing non-attachment enabled me to control my own emotions and feelings in relation to the attachments in my life, so that I did not allow the attachments to take control of me. It was part of the whole process of realizing that my self-worth should come from within and not from what others perceive or think of me.

Have you ever thought about the attachments in your life? Ever stopped to just think, “what am I attached to?” Finding a way to let go of my unhealthy attachments to people, possessions, and ideas has led to me feeling healthier, stronger, clearer, and more objective. All of these things have in turn led to greater inner peace. It is important to keep our attachments healthy in an effort to remain in optimal health.

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  1. Good Morning My Friend… You capture the moment, when the flame is lit To share, to show and help many to understand. You may not touch everyone heart, but you do touch their minds to ask what if. What if, is a powerful gift! Keep up the great post my friend!

  2. Hi Vince, Again, great article and insight as usual. I’ve analyzed this very thing recently and came to the conclusion that somehow, I need to step back from needy, narcissistic people. I’m a problem solver and helper by nature and this is going to be quite a challenge. I’m also a chronic worrier – my husband says his shoulders are only wide enough to carry our family but I try to carry too many people on mine. At the end of the day, it’s exhausting to carry one sided relationships eve tho I love people. I’m feeling more free as I’ve had to say goodbye to some relationships to keep my life more peaceful as I struggle with stresses within my own life – is that bad? Giving up my caring personality to train myself to be a little more self centered may be hypocritical – would appreciate your thoughts. Kathy

    1. Kathy,

      First, thanks as always for your great thought provoking feedback. I understand as I too am very much a care taker by nature. There is a reason that the airlines instruct you to put the oxygen mask on yourself first before helping others in the case of an emergency. I have found that it is imperative to foster a good relationship with self first. If other people, things, or ideas are hindering that process, we must let go of the attachment. I don’t see it as giving up my caring personality. I see it as changing the focus of the care to myself. If we are not in a good space mentally, spiritually, and physically, it makes it difficult to help others. You can’t give from an empty bucket. I applaud you for your awareness of the need to let go of the relationships that drain you and never offer to fill you back up. Giving of yourself is a beautiful quality but it is important to keep good balance and make sure you take the time to give to yourself. It sounds like you are on an awesome path of awareness. Stay on it. Peace, love, and blessings to you!


  3. When you are so attached to something, you are concentrating more on what it is you have to give up than what you will gain, if only you could move on.

  4. Thanks Vincent,
    This morning I think my head is attached to my pillow! : ]
    If I do not not let go of that attachment it has the potential to really mess up my day. It can make me late for work, miss out on breakfast, not have time for my 2 mile walk, and just through my complete day off track. It sounds funny and simplistic, but it can be just that. On all levels it can keep us from achieving or moving forward. You can not climb a ladder if you do not let go of the previous step!
    “Let It Go, Let It Go”
    Peace and Happiness.

    1. Greg,

      Simple but great feedback. I really appreciate your awareness, insight and guidance. You are so right when you talk about how attachments can keep us from achieving and moving forward. Thanks as always.

      Much love,

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