The Great Divide: September 4, 2016

The Great Divide 

As I look over the long bridge that crosses the great divide. I ask myself time and time again, how will I get to the other side. The other side where there is peace and a true connection to my spiritual being and inner guidance. It’s a daily journey that requires awareness. It has only been within the past year that I have come into the awareness. The awareness of what is required to be on the other side. It takes work. It takes effort. It takes a mindful awareness of our every thought and action.

Many times I struggle to get to the other side. At times, the bridge appears so long and the journey prolonged. Prolonged by my thoughts and actions. I have to keep reminding myself to keep moving. Keep moving toward the other side of the bridge. Many obstacles appear on this great divide. The obstacle of fear that perhaps the bridge will collapse. Obstacles in the form of loss of someone special, job stress, financial issues or just lack of family and friends support along the way. Obstacles slow me down but always end of teaching me a lesson that ultimately aids in crossing the great divide.

Many times I choose to stay on the side of the bridge where I am not at peace? The side where I am not in touch with my inner guidance. The side where I am worried and fearful. The side where I am unhappy. The side where I am void and empty. For me, it takes daily meditation and prayer to remember that there is another side.  Yes the bridge can seem very long when looking at it and there have been times when I’ve wondered if I would make it across.

It has been my experience that we spend time on both sides of the bridge. We also must spend time on the bridge, making our way to the other side. My pastor once said, “When one door closes, another one opens but the hallway in between can be hell.” Crossing the great divide to the other side can be hell with all the obstacles. I am learning more and more how to close the great divide. How to spend the majority of my time on the side of the great divide where there is love, peace, prosperity, and happiness. It is a choice.

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4 Replies to “The Great Divide: September 4, 2016”

  1. Thanks Vincent,
    From my perspective, I feel like it is more about practice and less about struggle. When I practice my breath awareness, my yoga, my meditation, and my appreciation of everything around me, I see the struggles in a different way. When I stop and become aware of my immediate situation I can respond instead of react. So many of us know what we need to do to stay on the peaceful side, but I think we crave the challenge. I agree that it is a choice, and knowing THAT will help knock down the obstacles. You can choose to be afraid, or feel worried and fearful, to be unhappy, void and empty, OR NOT. Everyday is kind of like mission impossible, today your mission, if you choose to accept it…. Will you be content and peaceful, or will you choose to learn the hard way. It is your choice, you decide! I wish it were like eating your favorite Chocolate, before you know you are hooked. For all of us, it takes daily meditation and prayer to remember to stay on the other side. You are not alone, Do not be afraid.
    Let your light keep shining.

  2. In essence I did a retreat when I had my eye surgeries. It finally dawned on me as I listened to World Youth Day in Poland, that the Divine Mercy picture really told us that we were all born out of the Love of God’s Heart and sent from His heart as lites to earth. Everyone is a light. As we let His love flow through us to all living things, we keep our light shining, and we help keep other lights shining. We no longer have to cross a bridge by our own efforts, we become the bridge connected and anchored to the powerful love of Jesus’s heart and that Love flowing from Him through us to all living things. Can you picture it? 🌹

  3. I always seem to tune into your blog at the exact same time that I need to hear your very point!! Thanks. You really do sound stronger and stronger!

    1. Gigi,

      Thank you so much. You always respond just when I need to hear a response too. It can get discouraging along the way but your responses always lift me higher. Love and appreciate you.


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