The Journey: September 25, 2016

The Journey

My best friend, Greg, said to me today, “Enjoy the journey along the way and stop looking for the destination.”   Boy did the light bulbs go off for me. I find myself worrying about the destination. Thinking about the destination. Planning for the destination, and just putting a tremendous amount of mental energy into the destination. So much so, that I am missing out on the actual journey in the here and now.

Many times I’ve allowed joy, fun, peace, and happiness to pass me right on by because I was focused on the destination.   I find myself thinking things such as, “will I grow old alone?” Will I be able to take care of myself when I grow older? Who will my next companion be? Will I have a next companion? Where will I retire? Again, thinking about all things in the future. The destination. I am not trying to imply that we never need to plan. There is a place for planning for future as long as we do not let it consume the now.

Personally I have spent a tremendous amount of energy searching for and thinking about a life partner. It has become a distraction away from the current people in my life. I have allowed it to keep me from fully enjoying the ones in my life presently. Always wondering, is he the one? Again thinking about, where is this relationship going as opposed to just enjoying where it is in the now.

I set the intention to look at, appreciate, and enjoy the journey now. I set the intention to be more present, as it is really the only way to enjoy the now. My affirmation: There is beauty all around me, every step of the way, on my journey through this life. I will be completely aware of all that beauty and leave the destination to the Divine.

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  1. Wise comments my dear friend ! My generation thought we would just grow up, get married, etc. well you get the drift! After two marriages and walking along life struggling to find out why I could not have this dream, at the age of fifty, I laid it down and told God that He and I were going to be just fine. The peace was unimaginable and we have been just fine ever since. Life is certainly not perfect but it is good and I have learned to be content most of the time. I love you dear friend and believe you are going to do great things

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