Two Faces: October 30, 2016

Two Faces

The thought of 2 faces came to me upon awakening this morning. I decided to meditate and expand on it. Here are my thoughts as a result.

Growing up in church, I saw many of the members with behavior that puzzled me when they were outside of the 4 walls of the church. As a child I would see one face inside the church and a completely different face, most likely the true face, outside the church. I must say, still to this day, at times I remain puzzled by the behavior of people who say one thing but their actions are totally different. It’s as if they are 2 different people with 2 different faces. I always heard, “be on your best behavior in church.” What about out of church? On a daily basis, I witnessed examples of 2 faces. It got me to thinking how much of that still exist in my personal life today.

This has really prompted a time of reflection for me. How many times have I had 2 faces? I can remember pretending to be one thing in church when actually I was something totally different. The pretending, in this case, came from fear. Afraid to be the face I really was for fear of rejection and condemnation. And guess what, when I did decide to be the face I truly was, I was condemned and rejected by so many. Many of who were also guilty of pretending to be something or someone they were not. Many of who also had 2 faces.

I think we are all guilty of having 2 faces at some time in our lives. Is there a positive side to having 2 faces? I can remember going to a friend’s house for dinner one night and the food was less than desirable. When he asked me if I liked the food, I replied, “It was delicious.” “Thank you so much for cooking.” Was I being two-faced? My intention was to not hurt his feelings. So does that make it ok? There is a fine line between the 2 faces. In this political season, we hear what we want to hear so in a way we are encouraging 2 faces. We have a position, thought, or face about one thing, but we tend to do or say something totally different.

My experiences have brought a new awareness of the importance of being my true self.   Being honest with who I really am has lead to greater inner happiness and peace. No pretending. No hiding. No more need to have 2 faces. Be who and what you are fully at ALL times. Be your true authentic self at ALL times. Be the face that you are. It is okay. I set the intention for myself to be one face. At work, home, church, and out in the community. One face.

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Peace and blessings

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  1. Agree about two faces..
    I believe in being who you are..Christ See’s blessed today..vince

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