The Secret Place: November 6, 2016

The Secret Place

He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the almighty. This is a scripture from Psalms 91 in the King James Version of the Bible. I’ve heard it quoted many times in my life but never really stopped to think about its true meaning for me. Where is the secret place? What is the secret place? Am I dwelling in that secret place or just stopping by for an occasional visit? Am I dwelling there or just spending a little time there on Sunday mornings during church?

Finally at the age 51, I began to realize where the secret place truly was. I realized what that secret place was all about. My life experiences have led me to understand the importance of that secret place. I have come to realize that the most high lives in me, as me, and flows through me to the degree that I allow him to. Many times I’ve gotten in the way. By dwelling in the secret place of the most high, I am actually dwelling within. That secret place is within because the most high is within. So simple yet so life changing for me.

As I continue to learn to dwell in that secret place, my life is more fulfilled. It is only when I start dwelling in the external that I find discord, worry, and anxiety. For me, learning to dwell in that secret place has gotten me through some difficult times in my life. The most high is not some external being. Too often I have found myself looking for answers outside myself. I find myself dwelling in the external and not dwelling, or spending time, in the secret place within.

There are so many distractions that can pull us away from that secret place. This election season has brought more awareness to me of the importance of dwelling within and not getting caught up in the chaos and drama. I have found it challenging to not get pulled in by the media and the social apps. Reading social media post such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as watching television, has made me more aware of what human behavior looks like when we are not dwelling in that secret place. It has also created a beautiful awareness inside of me that alerts me when I am not dwelling in that secret place.

Dwell there in that secret place.

In the midst of challenging times, dwell there.

When you are faced with difficult questions, dwell there.

When someone cuts you off in traffic, dwell there.

At home, work, family gatherings, and all through life, dwell there.

Dwell there in that secret place.

There is nothing you cannot have, do, or be while dwelling in the secret place and abiding under the shadow of the almighty.


Peace and blessing

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