The Hallway in Between: Dec. 11, 2016

The Hallway in Between

I am sure many of you have heard the saying, “When one door closes, another one opens.” The issue is the hallway in between. We have all spent time there and will continue to spend time there.   For me, spending time in the hallway has been a great learning experience. It has often been a time of healing and restoration as well as discovery.   It is a time of reflection and guidance.

After separating from the one I loved several years ago, I spent about 6 months in the hallway. I cried, I reflected, I thought, I meditated, I prayed, and I cried some more. It was my first time living alone in 24 years. I was sad, fearful, and lonely. After much self -reflection, I began to see the other door open. In the hallway is where I found my truth.

When I reflect back on that difficult time in the hallway, I think of what it was that got me through the hall to the other door. I believe three things were instrumental in getting me through and I’d love to share them with you.

  1. Patience: Patience with myself. As painful as it was, it was important for me to go through all the emotions that come along with being in the hallway. It takes time.
  1. Positive Affirmations: I finally got to a place in the hallway that I could speak to myself kindly and positively.   I began to make positive affirmations (statements) to myself about my life, my future, and about whom I really am.  Eventually there can be no room for doubt or negativity if we want the other door to open.
  1. Gratitude: Like positive affirmations, this also was a place that took me a while to get to. A place of gratitude. I found it kinda hard to be grateful while standing in the hallway.    However once I began the process of expressing gratitude, things shifted. The other door began to open up slowly then eventually sprung wide open.


I am still living alone today but no longer in the hallway. Periodically, I will go back in the hallway because there is something I need to learn. Many new doors have opened for me and will continue to open as I become more awakened to my spiritual self.   This often takes time in the hallway to discover.

Remember that we all go through the hallway. See it as time to get it together so you are fully prepared to walk through the new door. Have patience and gratitude while in the hallway. And, lastly, stay positive that the other door will eventually open.   What are some of your experiences in the hallway? What put you in the hallway? Was it the death of a loved one, the loss of a job, or the break-up of a relationship?   What are some of the things that helped you get through the new door?

Thanks for your feedback. Peace and blessings for an abundant week.



3 Replies to “The Hallway in Between: Dec. 11, 2016”

  1. Julia,

    Thanks for sharing with us all. You are so right. Having a better sense of our spirituality is huge. Much love and gratitude to you for your support. Have a blessed week.


  2. Hi Vince, I have experienced all three that you mentioned…….

    How did I recover from these experiences?
    Not easy……..through prayer, meditation, and support of family and friends. Having a good friend(s) to talk to is really important. Being truthful and honest with myself really helped.
    As you mentioned, having a better sense of one’s self spiritually makes a great difference.
    Keeping mind, body and spirit in alignment…….is not always easy…….but by God’s grace it is possible. Gratitude……yes‼️

    Lean on the Source‼️

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