2017: A Brand New Year

2017: A Brand New Year

It is the first day of a brand new year. It is an opportunity to start with a blank canvas and a fresh paintbrush. What do I want this New Year to look like? What are my thoughts? What intentions have I set for myself in the New Year? I get to decide. It is completely 100% my decision. For me then, there comes a sense of responsibility to make the best decisions.

I am reminded of my belief that there are no rights or wrongs, just lessoned learned. Staying true to this belief, there are no right or wrong decisions. I do belief however that there are better decisions. Decision and choice are always ours and they form our life’s motion picture. We get to paint the picture we want on that blank canvas.  It is not up to political figures, friends, family, or any other source to paint the picture. They only get a paintbrush to help us paint our canvas if we give them one. Each one of us is given the unique and beautiful opportunity to paint our own new blank canvas.

My Thoughts: On this the first day of the New Year, I reflect on the many events and changes in my life over the past year. I reflect on the sad times and the happy times. It has been a great year for me in terms of my spiritual growth. My understanding fully who and what I am. My understanding fully that I am part of the Divine, no less than anyone else. I think about all the beautiful people in my life from 2016. Way too many to mention. They have all been my teachers on this journey and I am grateful for each of them.

My intentions for 2017: To continue to grow spiritually. To be more aware. More aware of all the beauty there is in this life. More aware of my inner guidance. More aware of my every thought and action. Kenneth Cole once said, “To be aware is more important than what you wear.” A profound statement. So my ultimate intention for 2017 is to live more in a state of conscious awareness.

I look forward to this New Year with great anticipation and excitement. I know great things are in store for me as I continue to pursue my true passions. I invite you to look toward the New Year with excitement as well.   We all tend to like new things.   I love the word new. It implies freshness. It implies cleansing. This is a fresh New Year. Make it the best ever for yourself. Live the life you love.


Happy New Year



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  1. Hi Vince, I’m starting my new year off right… My sister’s husband died last Nov.21 2016…. I was there for her. It was so hard because they ‘ve been married 19 years. December 27th 2016 would’ve been 20 years. They were going to renew their Wedding Vows. My brother -n- Law was like a brother I never had besides the two brothers I already have. He treated me good just like he treated my sister like a Queen. My Twin sister we would called each other everyday to get us through the death of her husband. I know deep down she will miss him and love him forever in her heart. This year is starting off right, her daughter will be starting College this fall. My sister will be traveling places she never been before. I’m happy for Her. I know there’s a light at the end of the Tunnel. Amen….

    1. Sibyl,

      Happy New Year to you. I have really appreciated your feedback and support this year. I look forward to us sharing more with each other.


  2. I am going to do just that live my live my way after God gave it to me not all the people that is trying to control it this is 2017 I have lots to do Thanks Everyone

    1. Pat,
      Thanks for your feedback. We must take control of our own lives. Great perspective. Thanks for all your feedback and support this year.


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