The Positive Difference: January 29, 2017

The Positive Difference

Am I making a positive difference in the world? A question I’ve given much thought to recently. What am I doing to help create a world that works for everyone? Do my actions promote positivity?

I realized that I am given hundreds of opportunities, on a daily basis, to make a positive difference in life. I am given the opportunity and choice to change the energy so that it flows in a different direction. Again, the question is, how often do I take that opportunity?

After much thought, I believe the key to making a positive difference is through giving. Giving of your time through volunteer service. Giving a smile. Giving of some of your resources to those with none. Giving a hug. Giving of your talents. Giving love. There are so many ways to give. Am I giving as much as I can to make that positive difference for someone?

In the midst of what can appear at times to be somewhat negative, we can make a positive difference that can have a ripple affect that ends up touching many. For me, I believe that it is only when we give that we receive. I believe there are a lot of positive things going on in our world, and I still believe in the general goodness of mankind despite all the negative things we see and hear in the media.

My intention moving forward is to take advantage of that incredible opportunity, to make a positive difference, by being more mindful and aware of it. It is my hope that you will also be inspired to give, in an effort to make that positive difference. Change the focus from negative to positive. At this time when things are a bit unsettling in our world, how are you making a positive difference? At this time when we are hearing a lot of hatred and negativity, how are you making a positive difference? I would love to hear your stories. Share how you are giving to create that positive difference.

Thanks as always for reading my thoughts. I am incredibly blessed to have your support and feedback as I share weekly from my heart.


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