Challenge and Change: February 26, 2016

 It seems as if I overcome one challenge and along comes another.   What is the real purpose for all these challenges? They are not always fun. As a matter of fact, they can feel stressful and lead to other negative emotions if we allow them too. Well, I have allowed them too more often than not lately.

I have had to remind myself often that things are usually not as they appear. I would go as far as to say, things are rarely as they appear. My mother used to say, “everything that shines is not gold.” I am learning the importance of looking at my challenges through spiritual eyes as opposed to physical eyes.

Things in my personal life have felt off balance and challenging for the past several weeks as I have been contemplating and preparing for change in my life. Ah hah. Perhaps that is it.  The purpose for the challenge is to bring about change. Challenges lead to change. Nothing stays the same including us. Everything and everyone changes. You are not the same in this moment as you were in the previous moment.

I often think about the fact that diamonds are formed using high temperatures and pressures. I am working to be more mindful of this principle in my personal life. Keeping in mind that the pressure that often accompanies the challenge is meant to produce diamonds in my life. We all are faced with challenges. It is part of this human life.   Dr. David Ault once said, “That situation in your life will never go away until you have learned the lesson it came to teach you.” That challenge is not going to go away until you learn from it.   And so I ask myself, what is this particular challenge about? What am I supposed to learn from this challenge? Knowing that the end result will be a diamond if I allow the challenge to change me and teach me.

What are your current challenges? Are you having challenges in the workplace? Are you having challenges in your relationships? Are you having challenges in your personal life? Whatever your challenge is, know it has come to make you stronger and more aware. It has come to create positive change in your life. I have found it important to be patient with the challenge and allow it to create the change in me that is necessary for growth and optimal health.   Having said that, I must find gratitude in the challenge.

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  1. Life is a rollercoaster, therefore I trully believe everything in life happens for a reason. If you keep doing the same things in life, you’re going to keep getting the SAME results. Without CHANGE, growth will not happen.

    Thanks Vince for sharing this insight.

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