Hurt: April 2, 2016

Dear Readers, sorry I skipped out on you for several weeks. I found myself juggling many balls at once and made a decision to take a short break from my Weekly Sunday Blog. None-the-less, thanks for joining me again. I always look forward to your feedback and the ensuing discussion that helps us all grow and learn on this journey of life. So, welcome again.

This week I would like to share a few of my thoughts and experiences on the emotion, hurt. There has been many songs written about hurt and many stories told of hurt. There seems to be a natural tendency to blame others when we are hurt. I have even found myself portraying the victim and carrying a “victim spirit.” What I’ve discovered is that hurt comes from within and not without. I have found hurt, like many other emotions, to be a gift, howbeit a painful gift. It has worked to create growth in me to the degree that I have allowed it to.   Hurt is not meant to create fear in us. I was finding myself afraid of being hurt again. I realized that the fear, brought on by the hurt, was keeping me from living my best life.

On a personal level, I was noticing that I had a little fear around meeting someone else and entering into a committed relationship again. It’s not that the previous ones were bad but there is hurt involved in break-ups. Who wants that? So I found myself holding on to the hurt and remaining somewhat guarded with my emotions. I am training my mind to think from a different space in an effort to get my hearts desire. And believe me, it is a work in progress for me. For me, letting the hurt go also released the fear and has allowed me to meet some beautiful people as a result.

In Summary, I believe hurt is an important emotion for us to feel. It can teach us many lessons if we allow it to. It’s the allowing that has been problematic for me. It is a journey for us all. Feeling down is one of the many side effects of hurt. It is probably the one I experience the most. There will be ups and downs. If we never experience the down, we would have no appreciation for the up. My intention moving forward is to embrace the downs, understanding that they have the possibility to yield amazing ups. I am grateful to presently be on the up and up as I continue to live the life I love.

What hurt are you holding onto?  Who are you blaming for “hurting you?”  Let the hurt go and move forward towards the bigger things God has in store for you.  Let the hurt go for your own inner peace and optimal health.  I look forward to your feedback.

Peace and blessings

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  1. Good read. Hurt hurts and it will cause us to hurt others if we are not careful. One of life’s little wrinkles that makes it extra interesting. Live on with as little hurt as possible.

  2. the hurt of suddenly losing my husband of 23 years has caused me to reevalute my entire life. It was so painful to me and to my children, I find myself going to great lengths to ensure i NEVER have to deal with those emotions again. All i can say is 7 years later, i need a friend to go to movies with, i an lonely but cannot even entertain that type of loss again. I praise God that MArk is not in pain, but for those of us left to pick up the pieces, it has been devastation.

    1. Nancy,

      I understand. The hurt of the sudden tragic death of my mother was painful. I can only imagine the pain you must have felt having lost your mate of 23 years. I have, however, found it important not to let it have a negative impact on my moving forward. The fear of being hurt again can be disabling. That fearful energy that we put into the Universe subconsciously, keeps others from getting involved with us. The energy we send out, we get back. So, you want a friend to go to the movies with. Start feeling how nice that would be. Start thinking about that instead of thinking about the hurt. Put out what you want to get back. A nice friend to hang out with. Thanks as always for your thoughtful responses. Much love to you.


  3. Hurt has such a strong influence on our lives. I have felt the most hurt from people who were a part of my life, but it was people I had become addicted to. Addicted is a strong word to use. However, when we get to a point where all of our happiness is caught up in one person, we are subjected to tremendous hurt & pain when we are disappointed by that person.

    Be true to yourself. Find inner happiness & contentment. Don’t allow yourself to get entagled in relationships that are toxic & that put you in magor risk of hurt. It is not a matter of being too self-centered, it’s a matter of protecting yourself!

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