Tomb Time: April 16, 2017

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Dear Readers, thanks for being with me once again and Happy Easter. I am reflecting back on this day and what it means for me. I am reminded of the story of Jesus and how he was crucified, had 3 days of tomb-time, and then resurrected. Keeping in mind that crucifixion implies death or dying and resurrection implies life and new beginnings, this story has strong correlations to my personal life.

There must be a crucifixion before we can experience a resurrection in our personal lives. This I believe to be true. Although many spiritual leaders today would say we have a choice which one we experience, it is my belief that we will experience both and that it is not always our choice. The tragic death of my mother was not my choice but it was certainly crucifixion and a time of suffering for me. I found myself in the tomb for a long time following her death. I do believe however that we are given the choice as to how much time we will spend in the tomb after our crucifixion. The tomb time is very important for reflection and growth but one certainly does not want to stay there.

On a personal note, I have struggled a lot in my life with the choice regarding how long I will stay in the tomb. I have even found myself going back to the tomb over and over again where it can be quite painful. I have allowed the painful experiences (crucifixions) in my life to keep me in the tomb much too long at times. Even with all the beautiful life (resurrection) that surrounds me, I still find myself in the tomb.

According to the story of Jesus, he staying in the tomb for 3 days but then he came out. We are given the beautiful choice, after tomb time, to resurrect and head towards the light or remain in our crucifixion. Despite knowing this, yet I struggle. Getting to the bottom of my struggle I guess requires I dig my tomb (grave) a little deeper to discover what lies beneath.

Crucifixion will come. There will be times when you find yourself in the tomb. How we process and handle the crucifixion determines our tomb time. I am a work in progress. It is my intention to spend more time in the resurrection (life) and less time in the crucifixion (death) but quite honestly, I have spent the last 3 weeks in the tomb. Smiling on the outside but in the tomb on the inside. Going through the motions on the outside but experiencing death on the inside. I think of Robin Williams, the comedian, who was constantly making people laugh and full of life on the outside. The end result told us he was the complete opposite on the inside. It is apparent that he spent too much time in the tomb.

Today, I encourage myself. Today I encourage you. It is resurrection time. Whatever crucifixion (death) you may feel right now, there is resurrection (life) available to us.  This I know. We are Divine beings created by the Divine. The Divine lives in us and flows through us, as us. Every thing that happens in our lives is divinely orchestrated. Even though we may not understand it at the time. We all experience times of crucifixion but we do not have to stay there. Today, at least for today, I am coming out of the tomb. Today I will experience the beautiful resurrection (life) given to me by God.

Peace and blessings




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  1. I guess it was fate that led me this posting. You are forever in my prayers and I reflect daily on on all the good times we’ve shared together over the years. I love you dearly.

  2. Very insightful and I love the nuanced and artful language that you use as you describe the Paschal event and resurrection in relationship to you and others. You demonstrate a good deal of theological prowess and your style is very accessible. I look forward to reading more content!

    1. James,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I look forward to us sharing with each other. This is a journey and we can all help each other on the way by sharing experiences. Be blessed.


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