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Social Norms: Being Authentic

Who decided that girls wear pink and boys wear blue? Who came up with the idea that we must have ham and potato salad on Easter Sunday? Who decided that one must get married, start a family, and have the house with a white picket fence? Many religions teach that their beliefs are normal and any other belief is unacceptable or not normal.  Who actually decided what was normal or socially acceptable?

Do you fit into the mold of what society has decided is the norm?

What happens when you don’t fit into the “norm.”?

Will everything we do in life reflect the values of others? Must everything we do line up with the social norms?

Growing up gay, I never felt like I fit into the social norm. It was a bit isolating. I did not go to my high school prom because it would have been unacceptable to take someone of the same gender with me. I also did not play sports even though society said that the guys play sports and the girls are cheerleaders. What if I wanted to be the cheerleader?

I have been called many names in my lifetime because I did not fit into what others considered to be normal. I have been called weird, sissy, sinner, and names I care not to mention.

We do not need to understand how and why some people choose to express life in a different way than we express life. Your normal may not be someone else’s normal. Again, who says what’s normal? We get to choose what is normal for us based on our internal guidance and our intention to be authentic.

I have found it important to be authentic. To be completely myself even when it does not conform to the social norm as defined by much of society. It took me a while to get to this point. I always felt a need to try and fit into what was considered the norm.

Now I fully understand that it is important for my views to be about peace and full self-expression for all. I embrace the diversity all around me. I want my life to be filled with love and acceptance for all. Just like the snowflakes, we are each our own individual expression of God. No 2 alike.

Are you living a life of authenticity or are you living your life based solely on what some people consider to be the social norm? Share you story with us. I look forward to your feedback and hope you will sign up to follow my weekly blog at:


Until next week, live the life you love.


9 comments on “Social Norms: Being Authentic

  1. Shirley Connelly

    Now Vince I know you would choose my potato salad for Easter ! Love the article


  2. Antonino

    Wow Vince well I can related to about the prom. But I wanted to take a guy. But I have 5 girls ask me out. But as u said it right the Social Norm. I went with a girl and to please my family and society. I really love the article man. Keep up the great work.


    • Antonino,

      So glad the blog resonated with you. So many times we feel pressured to fit in and that prevents us from being who we are. I look forward to more feedback from you and appreciate you.



  3. T Scott

    Once we learn to accept and follow OUR own internal compass, to guide us through life, the question of normal will be irrelevant.


    • Scott,

      Thank you so much for your response. You are so right. We each have an inner guidance system but it seems it is rarely used by many. I want to become better at tapping into that inherent system. Really appreciate your feedback.



  4. Gregory

    “When you are born in a world where you don’t fit in it is because you were born to help Create a New One.”
    Author unknown


    • Greg,

      Love it. We are each unique, yet part of the One. We each contribute something very special to this world. Thanks as always for your response.



  5. Awesome reading Vince!! Can’t wait for the next one!!


    • Cedric,

      Thanks for your continued support of my passion for writing. I am happy to have you as a reader and more importantly someone who provides feedback. It means a great deal. Much love.



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