Time will Tell: It always Does

Time has a way of bringing the truth to light. We may not understand things that happen in our lives at exactly the time they are happening. Time also has a way of guiding us down the right path. Time is revealing. There are valuable lessons to be learned as a result of time.

What has time taught you?

I think about all the people I’ve met now that I am back in the dating world again. Who knew that at 54, I would be dating? Dating has brought the concept, time will tell, to a whole new awareness for me. It has taught me to not make assumptions and to not expect anything when meeting someone.

A new prospective life partner can say a lot of things. And they do. They can make a lot of promises. And they do. I take it all with a grain of salt because I know that time will tell.

I find it interesting how people change over time. Or is it just that time has revealed the true person? My pastor once said, “people tend to put their best foot forward when meeting someone new.” What about that other foot with the big corn on the toe? Eventually over time that person is going to see the other foot.

Time is important for allowing the truth to come forward. The truth is not always completely apparent in the beginning. In other words, our perception does not always equal reality. In my experience, rarely is what we see with our physical eye the whole truth.

Time is beneficial in many areas of our lives. When starting a new job, only time will tell if it is a good fit. I have found the same to be true for relationships and potential relationships. Time will reveal the true colors.

I have started off many times with excitement, and even a good feeling, when meeting someone new. Over time I discovered that other foot. That other foot with the corn on the toe. Only time allowed me to discover the other foot. Perhaps it is best to bring both feet forward at once. In other words, be your true authentic self from the beginning.

Trying to make a decision in your life?

Pondering if he or she is the right one for you?

Be patient and allow time to reveal the truth. Be prepared for the truth and know that the truth may not be what you were expecting or even hoping for.

The one truth that has helped me regain peace in my life is the truth that, everything unfolds exactly as it is suppose to in our lives. That job, situation, or relationship is in your life at exactly the right time. It may not be the job, situation or relationship you want but time will reveal that.

Live in the moment and let time do it’s job. Be thankful when time does reveal the truth to you. Accept that truth and move on in a positive direction.

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Vince is a critical care nurse, writer, and musician who shares his knowledge and personal experience on issues impacting our physical, mental, and spiritual health. Join the conversation at vinceshifflett.com by entering your email address to follow his weekly blog.


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  1. Enjoyed reading this. I’m at this place in my life. Needed this. Light and blessings.

    1. Terrance,

      Thank you so much for your feedback. We all just need to be reminded from time to time about different things. I am happy this blog resonated with you. I hope you will continue to provide feedback as we all learn and grow on our journey


  2. Hey Vince!

    I am really enjoying your blog! Hope all is going well!

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