What Do I Really Want?


I have come to realize that what I want is exactly what I get. The energy that I put out there is what comes back to me. Many times I say I want one thing but my actions are incongruent with my words. When my actions, thoughts, and feelings line up with my words, then what I want shows up. Every time.

What shows up in our life is completely about us and not about the “what” that shows up.

On a personal note, I say I want that special someone in my life that is educated, loving, caring, compassionate, successful, and most of all makes me a priority. Yet I keep going on dates with people who are missing those qualities. I say with my mouth that I want all these qualities in a mate but the opposite keeps showing up in my life. I want that person who makes me a priority yet I keep hanging on to the one who never has time for me. So my actions do not line up with my words. When the person with all those qualities does show up, and they have many times, I sabotage it with my beliefs, thoughts, and actions.

As long as I am hanging on to the one who never has time for me, the one who does have time for me will not show up or I will not see them when they do.

I have learned that it all comes down to the value I place on myself. If I make myself a priority, place value on my intimacy, love me for all that I am, then that will be reflected in what I attract. On the other hand, if I make sex my priority, then that is what I will get. If I make physical appearance, education, and career the thing that I am looking for, then that is what will show up.

I am not looking for the one that completes me. I am whole and complete as I am. I am looking for that rare individual that is my compliment. My love is mine to give freely, without expectations or conditions. If that is what I give, then that is what I will get. That person is already there, waiting on me. It is up to me to prepare myself and get my self in alignment.

As long as I continue to entertain those who have no time, are married and looking for added sex on the side, or those not living their truth and hiding their sexuality, then that is exactly what I will continue to get. They are a dime a dozen but I am worth more than a dime. I deserve to be first and not second. I deserve to be treasured and not hidden.

What do you want? Do you believe you are worthy? Do you truly value and love yourself?

My Affirmation: Today I see myself as a valued prize. I see myself as someone who deserves to be adored, loved, and made a priority. I know my worth. I know I am a good man worthy of nothing but the best. I will patiently wait on that and when it shows up I will embrace it.

You too are worthy and valued. You too deserve only the best that life has to offer. Stop settling for less. Start affirming your worth and value. Take yourself out of the “dime a dozen” category and place yourself in the “one in a million” category. Because you are one in a million.


18 Replies to “What Do I Really Want?”

  1. Dopeness Vince! Glad we connected and I am overjoyed at reading your lovely expressions. I’ve slowed down long enough to give you appreciation energy. Keep sharing your positive vibrations brother.

    1. Coach Zach,

      I am honored and grateful for your time and love. Thanks for the beautiful comments. You too have contributed to my life in a positive way. Thanks again.


  2. You said it Vince and you are so right, know you worth! Perfect!
    Awesome reading Vince.

  3. Outstanding article! I’m going to share this with my teenagers. Thanks again, Vince

    1. Christy,

      It is a great article to share with kids. Great lessons to learn. I stand in great appreciation for your love and support through the years. Thank you.

      Many blessings

    1. Florinda,

      I am so happy that this message resonated with you. I am also very grateful to have you as a reader of my blog. Your feedback and support mean a lot.


  4. I have done this numerous times and have come to realize that I have to stop selling myself short and love myself for self .When you realize that then you won’t settle for less.

    1. Robert,

      You hit the nail on the head. “Selling yourself short.” I appreciate your feedback and support. Its about loving and valuing ourself. Much love to you.


  5. We often waste time on those who have no time for us, as the ones who adore us passes us by. Nice reading.

    1. Walter,

      You are right. Many times we miss what is right in front of us because our focus is elsewhere. Thank you for your love and support.


  6. Amen, Hallelujah, and the Choir sang. To bad this is not taught in Sex Education when we are in high school. All jokes aside, you are 100% correct, “nailed IT”. Remind yourself everyday, visualize it everyday. Can not wait to meet him!

  7. Vince what you have spoken is so true. Sometimes it takes people a long time to realize this. I have heard it said you have to be self reliant and learn to live with yourself before you can ever live with another. Most people put the cart before the horse and therein lies the problem. We cannot depend on another person to fulfill us, we must be whole within ourselves. A lesson learned the hard way!!

    1. Diane,

      You are so right. Our dependence on others leads to disappointment. Thank you for your feedback and support of my writing. . It means a lot. Much love to you.


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