I often find myself interjecting the word, “but” into the things I think and say. It is a word I am trying to eliminate from my vocabulary. I have found myself saying things like “I believe I can do it, but…………….” “I know I have the talent and gift to be prosperous and successful, but…………” “I know there is a limitless supply but I am barely getting by.” Leave the “but” out and truly feel the limitless supply. Use your words to affirm gratitude daily for the limitless supply.

The “but” implies that I don’t really believe I can do it. I do not really believe I have the talent and gifts to be prosperous and successful. The word but, implies doubt. There is no room for doubt when you truly believe something. When one gets to a place of total belief, without the “but”, then what is desired will come to fruition. It is in that feeling beyond a shadow of any doubt that manifestation occurs.

I realized the “buts” are just excuses. They are not truth. They are barriers that keep me from completely fulfilling my passion and purpose.

The Truth is I am enough.

The truth is there is no lack or limitation.

The truth is the Divine lives in me and flows through me to the degree that I am able to believe without a doubt.

Leave the “but” out.

I also often find myself saying, “I need more money or more time to accomplish what it is I want to accomplish. I need the right contact to get to where I want to be. Defining what you need in order to have what you want actually ends up limiting you. We are limited by our ability to stay open. We are limited by the “but.”

I encourage you today to be conscious of your words. Words are power. Eliminate the doubt from your heart. Eliminate the word “but” totally from your vocabulary. Truly believe and watch what God will do. Our only obstacle is self.

Until next week,

Success and abundance

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  1. When another person injects the word “but” after commenting positively on you it wipes out the compliment and degrades you. Supervisors have a way of doing this. I like to they’re not conscious of the message they’re sending. Hmmm

  2. Awesome, another message that makes you think! So true, thanks for sharing!


  3. Well said Vincent. Having a clear understanding of our thoughts and our speak goes a long way to moving us forward, no “buts” about it.

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