What If You Only Had One More Week To Live

I have been thinking a lot lately about my actions, reactions, and thoughts. Would they be the same if I knew I only had one more week to live? Would I get upset about the small stuff? Would I worry about my retirement? Would I worry about whether I was going to find a life partner or not? Would I spend so much time thinking about all the things on my agenda for next week? Would I really get upset because someone did not speak to me?

Death is a reality. It is inevitable. It is coming for sure and none of us know when. When I think of death in this way, I know that death makes us all the same. The rich, poor, gay, straight, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, black, white, Islam, and all other humans will experience death. None of us are exempt. Perhaps if I lived with this reality in mind, it would change my actions, reactions, and thoughts. If I lived every week like it was my last, perhaps I would do things a bit different. Every moment counts. My next breath could be my last. That’s the reality.

If you knew that every person you talk to this week, you’d be talking to them for the last time, would it change the conversation? If you knew you’d be seeing them for the last time, how would you feel? How would you interact with them? Would you grumble, complain, criticize, hold grudges, have a chip on your shoulder, and gossip about others?

If you were going to die in a week, how would that change things for you? Would you let go of the petty stuff you hold on to? Would your priorities change? Would your thoughts change?

If I knew it was my last week to be alive, and it could be, I would cherish every moment. I would love on my friends and family. I would make time to spend with them. I wouldn’t worry about things in the future. I would live in the moment and enjoy life to the fullest. I would just enjoy the life that’s happening to me instead of the one I wish was happening. I wouldn’t waste a moment trying to make other things happen. I would just appreciate the moments I have been given.

I challenge you to live like it’s your last week. Live, love, appreciate, and be in every moment. Let go of all the negative thoughts, grudges, hate, gossip, and worry because after-all, if it were your last week those things would not matter.


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18 Replies to “What If You Only Had One More Week To Live”

  1. If I had a week to live, then I would probably do four things.
    Firstly get my papers in order so no one has any problems over my possessions etc after I’ve gone.
    Secondly I’d arrange my funeral so no one would have to experience that horrible task.
    Thirdly I would tell the people who have hurt me exactly what they have done to me, so I can go with a clear conscious.
    Fourthly I would spend the rest f my time telling my loved ones just how much I actually did love them and throw a big party so they could remember me for that day

    Fascinating and interesting read, as usual, Vince.

    Thank you

  2. This is excellent, Vince. Thank you for making me think and helping me to better appreciate every single moment of my life.

  3. Love this and it is very true, Thank you for the reflection of what is reality… 👊🎯💗

  4. Like
    (I didnt see a “like” button anywhere and using the “like” button is the only way I remember how to say I “like” it, so I wrote it instead.)

  5. Thanks Vincent,
    This time of year is a great time to really think this over. Would you go into debt to buy all those gifts? Or would you spend time, Real, Quality time with the ones you love. This is something that I will need to work on. We talk about living in the moment, and nothing could accomplish that more than a thought like this. Thank you for making us think!!

    1. Wow, Greg. You always make me think with your responses as well. I never thought about the holidays and how we spend so much time, energy, and money worrying about what to buy. That certainly would not be an issue if we knew we only had one more week to live. Other things would take priority. Thank you for sharing. I love and appreciate you and your gift to humanity.

  6. Love Love Love‼️

    Challenge accepted: I will live like it’s my last week. Live, love, appreciate, and be in every moment. Let go of all the negative thoughts, grudges, hate, gossip, and worry.


    1. Shaun,

      I too accept the challenge. When I write, I write to myself. I am definitely a work in progress. Thanks as always for sharing. Your love and support of my passion means more than you know and I pray you are blessed abundantly in return.


  7. Words spoken with such feeling and reality. One thing for sure no one will escape. I’ve witness many individuals make that crossing. It has made me think about my own crossing.

    1. Lamar

      You are so right. It will make one think of our own crossing. Live like it could be any moment because it could. I am grateful to have met you and appreciate you and your sweet dear wife Kay. You both are a blessing.


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