4 Ways To Avoid Flu and Cold

fullsizeoutput_bdaWe are in the first half of the flu and cold season. At my place of employment we are seeing an increase in the number of flu cases. I have been very vocal regarding my opinion as it relates to Western Medicine. There is a place for it, however I choose to believe that the creator placed something on this earth to heal whatever ails us. He created a perfect body and gave us the tools to keep it that way. I would like to share 4 things I do to keep the flu and cold at bay just from my personal experience.

  1. Drink Bone Broth: I’ve written several times about the scientifically proven benefits of bone broth. Bone Broth contains valuable minerals in a form your body can easily absorb and use. It also inhibits infections caused by cold and flu viruses thanks to it’s anti-inflammatory amino acid, arginine. I could go on and on about how bone broth can help ward off the flu and cold. I challenge you to do your own research to find recipes. A cup a day will keep the doctor away.
  2. Stay Hydrated: Staying hydrated is critical for many reasons but one of them is to keep the cold and flu at bay. Our brain and heart are made up of approximately 73% water and our lungs, 83% water. Water is also found in our blood. This speaks to the power and importance of water in order for our cells and different systems, such as the immune system, to function properly. The majority of the water in our bodies is found inside the billions of cells. The cells MUST have water to live. Just having this little bit of information is definitely reason for me to comply. I have found that 8 glasses of just pure water a day, at room temperature, have made a big difference for me. Give it a try.
  3. Proper Rest: Rest/Sleep allows your body time to rebuild its body systems such as the nervous system, bones, muscles and just the whole body in general. According to the Sleep Foundation, a 20 to 30 minute nap helps improve mood, performance, and alertness. What does that say to you about proper rest? The job of our immune system is to keep foreign invaders that cause flu and cold away. If the cells of our immune system are not properly hydrated and given adequate time to rest and regenerate, they will not function properly and therefore make us more susceptible to the flu and cold.
  4. Proper Exercise: So, we’ve talked about the fact that most of our body is made up of water. In order to keep the water moving and doing its job, we must be active. The cells that are filled with water move along more fluidly when we keep them well hydrated. Remember the cells must have water to live. I like to think of it as the cells floating through the blood stream and nourishing all our organs and systems such as our immune system. This only happens when you are well hydrated. Regular consistent exercise improves heart and vascular function, controls weight, lowers blood pressure, and boost immunity. Health and Harvard.edu (2017, October 31). How to Boost Your Immune System. Retrieved from https://www.health.harvard.edu. Again I like to think of it as exercise increasing the speed at which my immune system cells move through my body and do their job more efficiently.

There are of course many other things you can do to keep yourself healthy during this cold and flu season including eating a pure healthy diet and completely avoiding sugar in any form. I have found however that consistency is key. When I choose not to practice the 4 ways of avoiding flu and cold, then I end of getting sick or just not feeling my best. When I do decide to practice with consistency the 4 ways to avoid flu and cold, I feel amazing. The answer is not the flu vaccine. That is completely about revenue and not about prevention and good health. The answer is in what the creator has already given us. Use it. It is my hope that you all have a blessed, happy, and healthy flu and cold season.




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  1. Fascinating as usual Vince, but why avoid sugar in the flu season ? Surely sugar is a form of energy and your body needs energy to improve or maintain it’s immune ststem ?

    1. Yuri,

      Guess I should’ve explained the sugar thing more so here it goes. There are many different types of white blood cells. Phagocytes are the White Blood Cells responsible for most of the infection fighting. Research has clearly shown that phagocytic activity if greatly decreased for up to 12 hours after any sugar consumption.. This decrease in phagocytic activity (infection fighting cells) puts us at a greater risk for infection. Hope this explains it better. Thank you for your question. As always, much love and optimal health to you.


      1. Excellent answer and I suppose that helps explain why we should try to go alkaline as opposed to acidic with our diet if we have cancer.

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