Shhing the Voice Inside Me

I am not even sure if shhhing is a word or not but I’m going to use it. One of my pet peeves is when someone puts their finger over their lips and shushes me. Yet, I do it to myself all the time. How many times has my inner voice been speaking to me and I say, “Shhh, be quiet.” “I am talking right now.” “Why are you talking over me?” I find myself constantly quieting my inner voice and continuing on my path even though that inner voice is telling me loud and clear to change directions.

I have actually learned to become more and more aware of my inner voice; however, awareness alone is ineffective. The awareness must be accompanied with action. One would think I would know better by now but you see, it is not about knowing. It is all about doing. Knowledge is indeed power but only if one chooses to use it.

My inner voice is constantly speaking and guiding me. Constantly! But, how many times do I talk over it? How many times do I silence it because it is saying something I don’t want to hear? I want to do it my way. I don’t need the guidance of my inner voice.                        Or do I?

Shhhing my inner voice has not been effective for me. It always leads to a painful outcome. It leaves me lost and void, yet at times I continue the practice of shhhing. This is true in every area of my life, including professional and personal.

If only I could be still long enough to listen to the voice. If only I could be patient enough to follow the guidance of that voice instead of shhing it or talking over it.

Meditation has become key for me in listening to my inner voice. I do not always understand why my inner voice is telling me to go a certain direction but I must follow. It is not always important to understand but it is important to trust. Trust the voice. It will never lead you astray. I have allowed fear to shhh the voice inside me even though I hear it.

Stop shhing your inner voice today and instead let it guide you to a beautiful, abundant life.

Until next week,

Be blessed.




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3 Replies to “Shhing the Voice Inside Me”

  1. Very thought provoking, for me when I was younger I did the same thing, but my was more because of insecurities, but the older I got and experienced life it slow faded away

  2. Very interesting, but surely if we don’t make mistakes, we don’t learn ? Tell a child that fire burns is one thing, let the child feel the heat is something completely different.
    We are still children inside. I’m heading north of 55 but only think of myself as 35. When did I grow up, become an adult ?
    I still like going on the merry-go-rounds, riding bumper cars, eating candyfloss and ice cream, jumping into puddles and playing loud music.
    You learn only as you grow older and after experiencing much pain and anguish, hurt and frustration.
    The Shhh as you call it is always there but so is the Inner Voice.
    As you grow older the Shhh decreases and the Inner Voice increases, it’s also known as Gut Instinct and maturity.
    Enjoy the child in you because one day you will wake up and find you’re an adult. I know I did. I’d rather be a child any day.
    Shhh’ing is for the eternal optimist, the guy who thinks that things will get better. The Inner Voice is your subconscious telling you what is right or wrong, but being an optimist you always do what you think is the right thing to do at that moment in time, but which is not necessarily the right thing for you in the future, for example, I love eating curries but I suffer the next day, lol.
    Excellent blog Vince, well done.

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