Why Ask Why?



Why? It is a one-word question that can lead to answers and peace. It just requires 3 important steps on our part. Ask, Listen and Trust!

I find myself asking why many times in my life.

  • Why didn’t my relationship work out?
  • Why did my father dislike me so much?
  • Why was I born gay?
  • Why did I lose my mother so tragically?
  • Why do I do what I do?

Diving in deep to ask why has allowed me to get closer to the truth. As the old saying goes, “the truth will set you free.” Perhaps if we never ask we’ll never know and therefore never be free.

Asking why has been a great way for me to reflect on my past and learn valuable lessons to move forward into my future. It has helped define a clearer path for me. It has also helped me understand my purpose. Why I do what I do.

The answer to the why has sometimes been difficult for me to accept. It is much easier to walk around and pretend everything is okay even though the why is lurking in my subconscious mind.

It has been my experience that I do not always get an answer even though I ask why. I still do not know why my beautiful mother was taken away so suddenly. In those situations, I have found great peace in simply trusting. Trusting and knowing that ALL things work out exactly as they are supposed to in our lives even though we may not understand the why.

I invite you to pause for a moment.

Take a deep breath and ask yourself why to some of your most difficult life questions.

There is peace, freedom, and growth in the answers.

Why are you following your own life’s path in your day-to-day life, work, and relationships? I look forward to your feedback and am deeply grateful for each of you.

Until next week,

Much love and peace

18 Replies to “Why Ask Why?”

  1. “WHY” is an interesting question.
    Why did my grandparents have to flee Armenia and start a fresh in Sudan in 1915 ?
    why was I a very sick child ?
    Why did we have to flee Sudan and start a fresh in England in 1967 ?
    Why was I sent to Nigeria in my summer holidays from the age of 16 ?
    Why did my father die when I was 24 ?
    Why did I marry the wrong person ?
    Why did I lose my job when I was 40 ?
    Why did I lose my lovely mother so early ?
    why did I lose my favourite cousin last year ?
    Why did I lose my best friend last year ?
    My conclusion is that these were all a stepping stone to something much larger.
    Let’s analyze this trip.
    My grandparent fled to Sudan because of political unrest, we fled from Sudan because of political unrest and ended up in England. I had to grow up fast with the sacrifice of my teenage years but I learnt a lot in self respect and character building. When dad died I had to be independent. I made the wrong marriage choice and sadly lost my job soon after. However I did end up with twins. Again strengthening of character. The loss of my mother was devastating and 11 years later I’m still not over it. However my character has changed and got stronger and more positive now and I know I am heading on a path to somewhere before my grave, Hopefully it’s a positive move and not a negative move, but I know now that I will survive in some form or other.
    Being brought up in a very close knit family atmosphere with loads of relatives around me, I now find that I am basically alone and actually don’t mind or care less. I have my kids, I have my decent family members, I have my real friends and I have a number of very decent friends that I have met on line, Vince being one. The rest can go and jump in a lake – they are fake and they are dead for me, I just tolerate them.
    So why ? Because I think life is a trip into the unknown. A trip that takes you through numerous doors, A trip that will either take you to success or failure, depending on what you you classify as success or failure. A trip that will be happy and sad but will hopefully achieve your ultimate goal.
    However, Lady Luck has to play a part in this trip and sadly the Karma Bus seems to have forgotten me completely 🙁
    Thank you Vince for another fascinating and thought provoking subject.
    Yuri x

    1. Yuri,

      Once again I LOVE your response. I really enjoyed how you explained the way you have come to peace with some of the whys in your life. You are indeed an inspiration to me and I’m sure my readers. I really appreciate you and always look forward to your feedback.


  2. Thanks for all that you do..I have been contemplating these thoughts as many of us have,and as you stated,taking a moment to look within stay positive,and always do your best, stay kind and resourceful. And always take pride in your self,no matter the circumstances. Stand! Again thx Vince,your affirmations makes “my light ” shine brighter..!

    1. Redgie,

      As always, I appreciate you. I appreciate your motivation to stay positive and kind. I always look forward to hearing your perspective.

      Much love,

  3. Vince,
    Thanks for the morning message.
    I believe in merits and karma.
    What comes around, goes around.
    I believe in reincarnation. I believe that I was born gay and Black and born in America at this specific time for a reason.

    I must take this life journey and learn from it.

    Ken Jackson

    1. Ken,

      Thank you so much for your response. I love that you mention merits and Karma. I also appreciate your affirmations about your beliefs.
      Thanks for sharing with us all.

      Much love my friend,

  4. As always, a thought-provoking post from you! I love the awareness that sometimes the why just isn’t for us to know. My sweet, departed grandma used to say “Things don’t happen for a reason; they just happen.” Hearing her saying that in my head has helped me let go and move beyond things I will likely never know the “why” for.

    Stress and anxiety are the result of being attached to thought. There’s much to be gained from sitting with oneself and asking why to all the great mysteries of one’s life. It takes a lot of practice to be open to realizing and accepting our role in the Why, too.

    There’s also great power in letting go and moving on when the Why isn’t there. Like, “Why can’t I sleep in on the weekends??” 🙂

    1. Brian,

      Why can’t I sleep on the weekends? LOL… I love this. I really appreciate you talking about the importance of us accepting our role in the why. That is part of the lesson for us all.
      I am grateful to have your support and feedback. It means a lot.

      Abundant love,

  5. Love this. When I meditate at the end of each day I would ask “why?” as to lead me to the clarity I need so that if I am presented with that situation again I will be prepared.

    1. Shaun,

      You are so right. Asking why can help us with a situation if we are presented with it again.
      I am happy to call you friend and ALWAYS appreciate your love and support.


  6. I often ask myself ‘WHY”.
    Why does my son not pay back the money he owes me, why has he blocked me from his life. He says it is because I upset his sister when I asked for respect. But WHY does he take sides.
    Why did my daughter’s partner treat me like a child, bully and intimidate me and she allowed it to happen. Why did they also block me when I asked for respect.
    I think I need to stop asking myself WHY . I need to move on with my life.

    1. allysnotebook,

      Thanks as always for your thoughtful, vulnerable responses. They help us all grow and know that we are not alone in our “Why’s.” I agree with you that we can’t get stuck in the why and at some point we must move on. Hopefully the “Why” will help us move on with more clarity and peace.
      I am deeply grateful for you and your feedback.


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