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Where did labels come from? Labeling contributes to some of the deepest problems that face our species. Labels are often used to identify, differentiate, and separate, often with the intent to disconnect us from the one source.

Where did the label Christian, Muslim, Black, White, Gay, Straight, Fat, Skinny, Rich and Poor come from? People love to label. They use other labels such as bully, nerd, hippe, slut, good girl, bad boy, and the list goes on. Is it necessary to label people?

We are all essentially the same but we find comfort and security being associated with a group, especially when we are fearful and vulnerable, and do not feel grounded in our own skin.

Are we true to our labels?

It has always been a mystery to me how a devout gay Catholic could stand by his or her faith, knowing that the Catholic faith teaches strongly against the gay lifestyle. I have also wondered how someone who calls themselves a Christian can lie, cheat, steal, gossip, create drama, abuse their bodies, or have hatred in their heart toward others when it all goes against the teachings of the Christian faith? How can the rich look down on someone they have labeled poor? How can an African-American who has been the victim of racism and prejudice, continue to hold onto their own prejudice ideas and thoughts about other groups of people? This gives very little meaning to labels when I think of them in this context. I see them often being used to judge others who associate with a different label.

It is my belief that labels are man-made. God has nothing to do with labels. He created us ALL equally. Man came up with the name Christian. Man came up with the name Muslim. Man came up with the names Gay and Straight. Labels serve mainly to divide us. When we label ourselves a certain thing, we immediately set ourselves apart from others who are not that thing.

What would happen if we all starting seeing every human as part of God’s creation?  Not a Muslim, not a gay man, not a Catholic, not a transgender, not a black man, not a Buddhist, but a human that is part of the One Divine Source. Could it change the way we feel about others and create more love and togetherness in this world?  

There is so much hate in our world right now. Even here in our country with the current political environment, there is much hate and name calling using many labels. The name calling and labeling is disturbing to me. What is more disturbing is seeing the re-posting of all the hate filled comments on Facebook and other social media outlets. More than ever, I believe it is a time for us all to practice loving behaviors and stop supporting the hatred.

I make a commitment to pause and ask myself, do my actions support love and inclusion or do they promote hatred and division in any way? Am I part of the solution or do I contribute to the problem? I commit to see ALL beings as a beautiful part of God. I make a commitment to only allow love to dwell in me. No thoughts of division.

I do not subscribe to the notion that one is right while others are wrong.

What are your thoughts when you see a Muslim? Do you see the label or the person? What are your thoughts when you see someone of a different race?  Do you see their race or do you see the person that God created? What are your thoughts when you see 2 people of the same gender holding hands? Do you judge them based on the gay label or do you see them as part of the same creation you belong to?

One by one we can make a difference in our world by simply dropping the labels and being an example of loving kindness toward ALL regardless of what label they identify with.

Next time you find yourself using a label, remember we’re all not so different after all. We all just want to be accepted, understood, respected, and loved for who we are.

Until next time,

Peace and blessings

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  1. My friend, I took the time to read this one twice. Everything you said is so true. Well written as always. I think we are all guilty in some way or the other of these labels. Some we are prejudice to and some we are unconscious of. I find the ones we judge more are the ones we were taught at a young age to be prejudice to. Whether it’s black, white, gay, whatever. I think we should all open our eyes to all these differences in other people and look beyond the label and look at the person underneath instead. Love that person for who they are. Through all my grandmother went through with racism, she always taught me that God says love everyone. In my small town, prejudice was somewhat undercover. But it was there. But I was taught to love regardless. Vince, that’s why I’m able to love you my brother. (With all your labels)Lol. Thank you for the article.

    1. Adrian,

      You are right, we are all guilty of labeling and much of that labeling comes from what we were taught as children. I am glad you love me with “all my labels.” LOL.


  2. Fascinating and mind provoking, as usual, Vince.
    I agree with some of the comments above re bullying. I had a boss, actually my father’s brother, who didn’t like me and enjoyed ‘taking it out on me’. I stayed put and bit my tongue because of the family connections, the money and because I always thought ‘he means well’. I was stupid, he didn’t like me, full stop !
    We are all born as blank canvases and what we see, hear, do, taught colour in the canvas. I am not racist whatsoever, I like all nationalities, I get on with all nationalities and levels or people. In my time, I have mixed with the Ambassadorial classes to the basic african labourer. In each case, I have treated them equally and with the same respect, For me, they are both the same and I never look up or down on people except if they harm me or my family.
    However, I do have a couple of problems, namely I dislike seeing the Arab women covered head to foot in black ‘in the name of religion’. Having lived in a couple of Islamic countries, I know that this is utter nonsense and is just a way of controlling the women. The excuse that men are going to pounce on the women if they show a bit of flesh is utterly disgusting and immoral. Do we actually do that to our western women ? I think it’s degrading to them and to us. A lot of these pious men come to the west on holiday or on business trips and endlessly drink alcohol, gamble, fornicate and eat pork. It seems that it’s ok to do these things if it’s not seen. If God see’s everything, then how is it that he can’t see these acts ?
    I have a dislike to Indian/Pakistani men because for over 50 years, people have thought that I was one. But I will socialise with them.
    I have a problem with black men, for reasons that I’ve told you before. But I will socialise with them.
    Saying all the above, I was at a funeral wake last year and a Consultant Doctor got up from the table I was seated and said to a mutual lady friend, “Isn’t that ……….., I haven’t seen her for years”. The lady just said ” But she isn’t rich”. He sat down. I was so shocked and disgusted at this that they both fell of the planet, as far as I am concerned.
    I look forward to the next VS Chronicle.
    Thank you.

    1. Yuri,

      As always, a very interesting read. I love some of the history and traditions you share about different cultures. I like that you mention we are all born as a blank canvas. This validates more my point that we choose labels. They are man-made and do NOTHING but divide us.

      Much love to you,

  3. I read your post several hours ago and since then it has been on my mind. In my life ‘labelling’ began when I was a child. In the family home my siblings and I were all labelled as being ugly, dumb, stupid etc by our father. It didn’t stop there, it also happened at school. Today it would call it being ‘bullied’ but it was labelling. Years later as an adult the labels still try to creep into my life, fortunatley I know to deal with it.

    1. allysnotebook,

      I like that you point out labeling has basically always been. For me I too was labeled (Bullied) a lot in school and by my father. I am so glad to be at a place in my life where others opinions of me do not affect me in a negative way. Thanks as always for your feedback and support. I appreciate you.


  4. Great insight as Always my friend,…definitely going to Walk this one out…#SelfAware…👊💞

  5. Good Evening Vince, I love your post about “Labeling”. It makes me sick to know that people are so ignorant for labeling people as something they want a person to be. To bad they can’t put a tag on our backs, call me whatever they expect me to be.

    We are all God’s Children. It’s sad the World has to be divided up in groups. We are people on God green earth have been sucked up into This world that’s full of Hate…. Etc…

    1. Dianna,

      You are so right. It does seem we are in a world full of hate and it is very sad. Sad that people feel a need to label others who are not exactly like them.

      As always, I appreciate you and hope all is going well for you.

      Much love,

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