Do We Ever Really Die?




In thinking about death, I asked myself the question, “Do we ever really die?” Death is a subject many seem to avoid out of fear and the sometimes negative connotation that accompanies the word. We grieve the death of many things in our life such as the death of a family member, a relationship, a pet, a job, or a close friend. Many cultures and religions view death in different ways. I will share my thoughts with you on death in this article.

April is not only the time that Christians celebrate the death and subsequent resurrection of Jesus but it is also the month I suddenly and tragically lost my Mom. To this day, it remains a difficult time for me on many levels. All I could think about was, “she’s gone and I’ll never see her again.”

I have come to realize that while I will never see her physical body again, her spirit is still alive and well. I feel her with me constantly. I have found great comfort in knowing that relationships with loved ones do not simply end when breathing does. Despite knowing this truth, it is still challenging at times without her physical presence here with me. We don’t move on from grief, we move forward with it. 

While I believe the spirit never dies, I am a witness that you can lose connection with that spirit. There have been many times in my life when I literally felt like the walking dead. Completely empty and void on the inside. Do we all experience that?

I like to think of it as tomb time.

Although my physical body has never died, I have definitely experienced tomb time in my spirit. Times of deep dark depression. Times when I felt like a zombie just walking around going through the routine of life. Being here but not really being here. Times I felt dead. I’m pretty sure we all experience tomb time. That feeling of being dead but your physical body is still alive just going through the motions. You could also think of it as soul death. It happens when we go through a traumatic event or when we lose sight of our true selves.

It is during my tomb time that I have ultimately found new strength to continue. For me, tomb time has been a painful but necessary part of my growth. Eventually however, one must roll away the stone and come out of the tomb. That is where true strength and courage comes in. We all go through transformations in life where we are given an opportunity to become someone completely different. Tomb time is a time for processing the transformation.

I have spent a lot of time in the tomb over the course of my life. So, while I’ve never died based on the way we traditionally think about death, I have surely died spiritually on many occasions by losing my connection to my spirit being.

Today I am grateful to God (Spirit, Universe) for the resurrection of my spirit. The reconnection to my spirit being.

So, do we ever really die? The physical body is mortal and will surely die but the spirit never dies. We only lose connection to it. That loss of connection (tomb time) is a necessary factor in spiritual growth.

If you are in the tomb today, make a decision to come out. Come out and walk toward the resurrection. Reconnect to your spirit and come alive to live the life you love.

Until next time,

Much love,





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    1. Marc,

      Thanks so much for your response. I appreciate you and your support but more importantly, I am grateful that the article resonated with you. Have an awesome week.


  1. I great blog Vincent,
    I never thought about death in that way, but something deep inside of me always believed in the spirit of our ancestors. I come to believe their spirit lives on, always a presence in our lives watching over us.

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