True Love Allows


fullsizeoutput_1a2eTrue love is about allowing. It is not about controlling someone or trying to change someone. True unconditional love simply allows.

There are many different philosophical views about many different topics. Different is the key word here. They are just different. Different does not mean wrong. It just means different. Many wars are fought over our different philosophical views.

I think we can look at the state of our country currently and see what happens when one tries to force their views on another. It ends up in war. It ends up in hate. It ends up in ugly rhetoric instead of love. Love truly does conquer all if we just give it a chance. Instead we are too preoccupied with trying to get our point across and prove we are right and they are wrong.

More specifically in relationships, there can be differing viewpoints on what a relationship looks like. Differing does not have to mean division. It can mean discussion. Meaningful discussion that loves and allows. Loving and allowing also does not necessarily mean agreeing. It is perfectly fine to have different viewpoints. It is not fine to disrespect someone for their different views.

Stop trying to make your companion be what you want them to be. Stop trying to change your companion’s views to line up with yours. That’s control, not love. Simply allow them to be who they are. Allow them to believe what they believe. That’s true love.

We all come from different backgrounds that influence our philosophical views and behavior. Instead of arguing over the differences, have meaningful respectful discussions to understand one’s background and views. That’s true unconditional love.

Fully accepting someone is also accepting who they are. You do not have to agree with them and you may not even understand them, but you must continue to love them. No room for hate.

Life is too short for hate. Life is too short for arguing. If today was your last day to be alive, would you spend it arguing with your companion over your different beliefs and views or would you spend it just having fun with them. Simply loving them. For that matter, would you spend it arguing with anyone.

Let’s take more time to listen to each other. Let’s take more time to simply love and allow. Let’s be respectful of others views without judging, shaming, or condemning them.

What a better place this world would be if we spent more time loving instead of judging. What a beautiful place it would be if we spent more time allowing others the right to their own beliefs and views without judging them. That’s love.

How beautiful a relationship could be if the two involved simply loved and allowed with zero judgement. Love and allow with zero expectations. Love and allow without projecting your own worry, stress, fear, and anxiety on your companion.

How beautiful a relationship could be if you focused more on self-improvement as opposed to constantly doing a performance evaluation of your companion’s life. Allow them to simply be.

Until next time, simply love all those in your life and allow them to be exactly who they are. No approval needed from anyone.

Much love,




Hi, I’m Vince. I am a Critical Care Registered Nurse and Author. Welcome to my site. On this site you will be provided inspirational, educational, and motivational articles. It is my mission to have this information help you achieve Optimal Health which includes Physical Health, Spiritual Health, and Mental Health.

10 Replies to “True Love Allows”

  1. Perfect Vince, but the smallest word in the English language sums it all up, “if”.
    Wise words and advice from a wise man.
    Thank you

  2. a hug with all my love to you, you are absolutely right about love, it is good for people to know how to love and respect their partner and the world around you.

    1. Laurel,

      Really appreciate your response. I am learning as I go on this journey and love sharing what I’ve learned. I look forward to more of your feedback and am grateful for the support.


  3. Hi Vince. Great piece! It reminded me of a poem I wrote. Hope you enjoy.


    you appear to move left
    whenever I move right
    a constant viral spin
    no hope in our sights

    you push my buttons
    I manage to push back
    each other we must make it not
    for it is the problem we must attack
    your aura so hazy
    its color so unclear
    we must vibrate together
    if we are to conquer this fear

    as you gaze into my eyes
    remember the vows we took
    our souls bound tightly
    like pages of the Book
    although this no fairy tale
    no spells or wand to ignite
    the magic lies in communication
    if we are to ever make it right

    we both want the same things
    to be protected from the rain
    let it not matter who holds the umbrella
    as long as we share in the pain
    I know sometimes in the mix
    you like to shake and me stir
    but if we pour without a spill
    maybe we both can be heard

    for when all is said and done
    and our time has truly come
    all we must carry are the memories
    of that which made us… one


  4. Thank you Vince! Your words are so inspiring and so true..! Zero judgment and zero expectations can go so far,not only in love,but also some aspects of life. If we, as a people would put as much positive energy in the world, as we do negative, I think we could elevate to tremendous strides in humanity. Thank you Vince for all your positive vibes you emit,nothing but Love for you💖. A heart of gold,and soul of an Angel. Love you!

    1. Redgie,

      Thanks for your unwavering love and support. You are right, it is about positive energy. Keeping our vibration high. Thank you for sharing.

      Much love,

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