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fullsizeoutput_1a81 Do you ever have a day when you feel reflective and contemplative? Just a day when you think about your life, your past, and your future? I have found reflection and contemplation to be an important beneficial part of my life. Yesterday was one of those days for me. In the solitude of my own home, windows open, fountains running, and candles burning with aromatherapy, the reflection and contemplation began.

Who am I? Where am I going? What am I doing purposeful and intentional with my life?

It started when I woke up thinking about my early childhood.

Growing up in poverty in a tiny modest home with a wood stove in the kitchen, cabinets made by my mother’s husband, the outhouse, the tiny black and white television, and the minimal physical possessions we had.

Thinking a lot about my Mother’s unconditional love and care despite the challenging environment in which we lived.

So much to reflect on from my childhood. Some good, some not so good but all lessons that have made me who I am today. I am feeling a sense of gratitude even for the “not so good.” I have been able to release the anger towards my mom’s husband for so many things. I held the anger for years.

As I’ve grown into adulthood, my struggles seem to have gotten more challenging. It’s kinda like going from elementary school to college. The lessons get a bit more intense and difficult.

This 56-year journey has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster for me. It is that way for everyone? It is just part of our human existence?

As I enter into the last quarter of my life, I want to laugh more. I want to resist less. I want to vibrate at a higher frequency more and spend less time in the low energy zone.

I want to surround myself with positivity only and eliminate the negative. Negative thoughts. Negative behaviors. Negative people. I also want to personally be more positive and guard my words and actions to ensure that. I still have work to do on self.  I really don’t think the work ever ends. I am constantly evolving. Constantly becoming more mindfully aware. Constantly recognizing areas for improvement in the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of my being.

Let’s set the intention together to:

  • Love More
  • Accept More and Resist Less
  • Be more compassionate towards ALL of creation
  • Be more mindful of our EVERY thought and action

As you move into a new week, make every second count. Choose love. Choose acceptance of what is. Choose compassion. Choose to be mindful of what you say and do.

I look forward to your feedback and as always am deeply grateful for your love and support.

Continue being the beautiful unique individual God created you to be.

Until next week,

Much love,




12 Replies to “Personal Thoughts and Reflection”

  1. As I read more into your articles, I find myself identifying more with what you say and how I want my life more meaningful and leave all negative things out of my life. I’m in the process and it’s always good to learn from other people’s experiences. Thanks for what you do, Vince.

  2. Fascinating topic as usual, Vince.
    We are born as a blank canvas, we know no hate, prejudice, anger but most of us are shown love from the start.
    We take onboard the things we like, discard the things we don’t like and make use of the in between sections that we neither like nor dislike.
    having been born in an African country where white was king and black was sub servant, our parents encouraged us to have black friends and mix with all genres, colours and cultures that were around, naturally with a close eye kept on us.
    I remember at the age of 5, our new neighbours were the German ambassador and his family. We shared a wall and their little son, also 5 would often come to us to play. He only spoke German, I only spoke Armenian and Arabic. There was absolutely no way we could communicate except through play. I remember once December, he came over and we created the Nativity scene using mud and grass. I taught him a few words and he taught me a few words. I’ve since forgotten the words but we got on fine and didn’t argue or fight about who was pronouncing it correctly or not. It was just 2 kids having fun.
    Over the years we collect a lot of emotional baggage and it’s very difficult to get shed it no matter how strong you are. But with time, you destress and get chuck it away. Then you look back and laugh at yourself for being so silly as to have carried all that weight for nothing.
    So we start with a blank canvas, which then gets coverd in love. Suddenly a bully appears in school and some fear gets on the canvas. This is followed with either kindness or fight. We then mature and rivalry gets on the canvas. Whilst all this is going on, knowledge is also on the canvas. As we grow older and have our own responsibilities in life, we start noticing that the parts we don’t like ie the bully, fight and rivalry start getting diluted but fear, more the fear of the unknown creeps in and scares us. Once the fear is gone then the canvas should start returning to love, love of your fellow human, love of the environment, love of your planet, but most importantly, love of your family.
    Sorry, I’m waffling again.
    Can you please read the message I sent you on Messenger.

  3. First, hello, I must say thank you for this. I find myself lost, I’m a 48 yr. Man I look to try and do good to people. But less in myself..

    1. Willis,

      Thank you so much for your response. I think we all find ourself feeling lost at some point in our life. I do not think we are lost, I feel we are just disconnected. Getting reconnected with self and our spiritual being is key to moving forward. I look forward to more from you and am grateful for your support.


  4. I love this Vince, it has been my quest to be in the place of gratitude and positivity. My challenge was not so much removing the negative, people out of my life, but removing the the residue of these negative experiences from my mind and spirit.

    1. Ernest,

      I love that you mention “removing the residue.” That is exactly what it is about. Not allowing those negative feelings to remain. Deal with them and move on. I appreciate you so much and am grateful for your feedback.

      Much love,

  5. I choose to reflect on the positive for this week to come. Thank you for the invitation and the reminder yo do so.

  6. Be more aware,that builds your consciousness! Getting grounded and nourishing ones soul😊🙏♥️

    1. Warren,

      Thanks so much for your feedback. I love that you mention nourishing the soul. We sometimes nourish our physical body but forget about the soul.

      Much love,

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