Options: No Need To Feel Stuck

Ever feel stuck? Stuck in your job. Stuck in your relationship? Stuck in the place you live? Just plain stuck with no options? I think we have all felt that way before however the truth is you have options. You can choose to quit your job. You can choose to leave that toxic or stale relationship. You can choose a new place to live.  You can go, be, and do whatever you choose to.

The options are limitless.

Options are definitely one of life’s beauties. 

There are consequences that come with every option you choose. If you choose to stay “stuck” in your current situation, the consequence is lack of peace and growth. So why do you stay? Why do you not tap into your limitless options?

You also have options emotionally. You can choose happiness or you can choose sadness. I am learning however that we all do not have the same skill set to deal with life’s challenges. Even though the options are there, fear leaves us feeling “stuck.”

It seems I struggle quite a bit with tapping into my options despite the fact that I know they are there. Again, we all have them. I choose daily. I choose what I am going to eat. What I am going to watch on TV. Who I am going to vote for. I choose what I am going to wear that day. I choose my words. I choose my friends.

Am I making choices based on what someone else thinks I should choose or am I looking at all my options and choosing what resonates with me?

Am I staying in a relationship because someone has taught me it is the right thing to do? Am I staying in a relationship because I don’t want to hurt someone despite the fact that I am hurting myself? Am I making someone else a priority while they are making me an option?

Am I staying on the job out of fear. Fear of losing health insurance. Fear of losing income. Fear of not being able to find something else. Just plain fear. Am I staying on the job despite the fact that I am miserable?

Am I continuing to live in the same place because it is comfortable? Am I continuing to remain in the same place despite the deep urge and feeling that I should be somewhere else? Am I staying out of fear? Do I not see all the beautiful options?

Looking back at my own life, I have allowed fear to keep me stuck in many areas of my life. I am deeply grateful to be aware of this as awareness is the first step to change. I have also allowed deep indoctrination from my upbringing to keep me stuck. Organizations (including churches), government, and other people use fear as a tactic to keep us feeling “stuck.”

Release the fear today and step forward into your happiness. https://vinceshifflett.com/2016/02/14/letting-go-february-14-2016/ It is about you. It is perfectly fine to make it all about you. It is your life and you only get one chance to live it. Choose from the many options you have. Choose what is best for you. This is easily done by simply listening to you inner voice. It will NEVER lead you astray.

Step out of the quick sand and march forward knowing that God (Universe, Spirit) has your back.

Are you feeling stuck with no options?

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10 Replies to “Options: No Need To Feel Stuck”

  1. Hi Vince. This article resonates in so many ways to my current life. I do feel like I’m stuck in so many things and that II need to close so many cycles in my life but fear of not being able to achieve what I want makes remain in the same position I’ve been most of my life. I will start to make better and more important decisions, and most of all changes in my life. Thanks for your thoughts, Vince.

    1. Mauricio,

      So happy to hear from you. Fear keeps many of us from moving forward. I am happy the article resonated with you. I look forward to more feedback from you and am grateful to have you in my corner.


    1. Herbert,

      Thank you for your kindness. I appreciate you taking time to read my work. It means so much to me. I look forward to more feedback from you.


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