Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health: Are you Proactive or Reactive?

Are you proactive or reactive when it comes to your physical, mental, and spiritual health? Do you wait until you get down and depressed to seek counsel? Do you wait until you need something to pray? Do you wait until you are sick to seek out answers for wellness? Do you wait until your relationship is on the rocks before you notice and stop taking it for granted? That is called being reactive. Reacting to a situation after it has occurred. I know I am certainly guilty. I have however learned a few things along the way that I would like to share with you. 

Being proactive in every area of your life leads to greater abundance and a healthier state of being. Putting in the work on the front end (being proactive) will ensure optimal physical, mental, and spiritual health. 

I like to think of my being as a house with many different rooms. I have found it essential to spend time in every room. My physical room, mental room, and spiritual room. 

Being a Registered Nurse for the past 32 years, I have witnessed first-hand what happens when one doesn’t visit their physical room. Without being proactive, the physical body breaks down and is more susceptible to disease and illness. Being proactive by eating a nutritious well-balanced diet full of vegetables and no sugar. Being proactive by engaging in some form of regular exercise. Both of these actions are crucial for optimal physical health. 

I think the Western Medicine philosophy has taught us to wait until we get a symptom to go to the doctor and get a pill to treat it. The truth is, good healthy habits (being proactive) will prevent the symptom or illness from occurring in the first place.

Being alive for 57 years, I have also witnessed first-hand the type of struggles imposed on not visiting the spiritual room and mental rooms on a daily basis. Cobwebs form in the corners of the rooms not visited. At times those cobwebs have obscured my vision and ability to be whole. I guess we could call it mental cataracts. Being proactive by engaging in some form of spiritual practice such as meditation. Being proactive in the mental room by keeping positive thoughts. There are many other practices you can participate in that will keep the mental room and spiritual room clean and clear. 

Being proactive is actually about being aware. Aware of our thoughts, actions, and words. Aware of how we are being. If we are aware of it, we can change it. Bringing our thoughts, actions, and words to the forefront of our consciousness allows us to change them. 

Make a commitment to spend time daily being proactive in every area of your being. 

  • Your Spiritual Being
  • Your Physical Being
  • Your Mental Being

Make sure they are all in alignment for a balanced, centered state of being. 

Choose to be proactive today so a reaction is not necessary. 

Much love,



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4 Replies to “Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health: Are you Proactive or Reactive?”

  1. Really enjoyed this piece Vince. My ex and I used to conduct these “ESP” checks every so often. Our emotional, spiritual & physical check ins, so to speak. It was a way to also do a mental check while we were having that conversation and sharing moment. This piece had me remembering how that helped along the way. This has also inspired me to perhaps write a poem about this idea of “rooms” and how to keep them clean and running harmoniously. I wrote one (a poem) called “Cupboards” with this as an abstract way at looking at life and pulling those intangibles out and mixing them up trying out new recipes and seeing what cooks. Thanks again for your time and talents. Nameste’

  2. A wonderful article Vince! it’s so important to make our lives as pleasurable as possible as we are so inundated with so many unexpected occurrences that are not always positive. So appreciative of your brilliance! Keep shining!

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