What is Spirituality?

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality has been defined by many but what does it actually mean? For some, spirituality is going to church every Sunday morning and bible study every Wednesday evening. For others, spirituality has absolutely nothing to do with the brick and mortar building we call the church.

Each person must find their own individual spiritual connection however best works for them. In this article, I will take a few minutes to share my thoughts on spirituality simply as food for thought. As always, take what resonates with you and leave the rest. 

How would you define spirituality? Pause here and think about it for a minute. 

I believe spirituality is compassion. It is inclusivity, kindness, and love. Spirituality is connection. Connection to the internal. Connection to the infinite field of energy that surrounds us all.  

Spiritual is not something you become. Conversely, it is something you already are. It can be challenging at times to walk and move in that spiritual space. Being able to act and react from that spiritual space when someone pisses you off, cuts you off in traffic or stirs up messy drama, all comes down to awareness.

Spirituality is awareness. Awareness of our thoughts and actions as well as our internal and external reactions. Without awareness, there is no real connection. We tend to just truck along allowing our automated subconscious thoughts and actions to drive us instead of being connected to our spirit and allowing it to be our guide. I am certainly guilty. 

The spiritual space is the dimension beyond our physical space. For me, the spiritual space has little to do with the actual physical place. I believe it is a space of awareness, connection, compassion, love, kindness and inclusivity as mentioned before. When you are able to come from your spiritual space, you are tapping into your true authentic self. Anything else tends to be ego based as opposed to the true self.

How do we stay connected to Spirit? How do we stay in that spiritual space?

Your spiritual being, just like your physical and mental being, must be nurtured. This makes a consistent spiritual practice essential. Below are some examples I have found helpful when I actually practice them. The minute I stop practicing them, I drift further and further away from that spiritual space and my actions/reactions reflect just that. It’s as if the electric cord to the lamp gets unplugged and I am left in the dark.

Hopefully you will find some of the following things helpful to keeping your lamp plugged in and shining bright. The list is certainly not inclusive and again, one must find what what feeds and nurtures their spiritual being. 

  • Daily meditation (Create Space)
  • Silent time (Create Time)
  • Walk in Nature
  • Inspirational Music
  • Yoga
  • Affirmations
  • Meaningful time with close friends
  • Reflection
  • Journaling

Plug into your spiritual space.  Stay aware in an effort to walk in a place of abundant peace. Remain compassionate, loving, kind, and inclusive regardless of the situation. Again, it is work but the reward is priceless. 

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