Recovery and Relationships: Should Newcomers Wait?

Jeff Vickers is a new author, copywriter and content writer. 

After a 30-year battle with addiction, Jeff was transformed by embracing the power of recovery. A self-proclaimed, “sober enthusiast,” his passion is helping people grow in their sobriety.  

After becoming fascinated by the power of recovery mottos, Jeff looked for books on the subject. Finding none, he decided to write one himself. The result is a series entitled, “Sober Slogans.” The first book of the series, “Recovery Mottos We Love,” available now on Amazon! 

Jeff loves to write wearing his favorite Star Wars pajamas, while listening to Damien Escobar. When he is not writing, Jeff spends time binging on old episodes of “Shark Tank,” with his partner, Sara. 

Aside from being excited about the release of his first book, Jeff says, “I’m excited about getting married soon.”  

He is currently working on the second book of the series, “Sober Slogans.” 

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2 Replies to “Recovery and Relationships: Should Newcomers Wait?”

  1. I believe I am not emotionally mature enough to nurture a healthy relationship I would not be able to grow either because in a new relationship there’s not a space to be you in the raw and not potentially scare that individual or open up the possibility of manipulation. Not saying these things are an absolute but it’s to unsure to be okay with as far as I am concerned. I have spent over 14 years in a very dark toxic on and off again relationship plus we have two children together. So today at 100 days sober my focus is just today, staying sober, completing aftercare, working hard in therapy, self love and rebuilding relationships with my children and getting to know my grandchildren. I am also relearning how to handle toxic people that are in my life with out allowing the poison to seep into my existence. Plus I am starting to volunteer with other recovering addicts at Minnesota Recovery Connection. And what do I have left to give nothing because right now I am building up self I can’t at this point or for that fact never give myself for the sake of a relationship. I would not want to feel obligated to anyone other then self and family and god.

    Thanks for your article and good luck on your next book. Congratulations on your sobriety and up and coming marriage.

    1. Kelly, appreciate you response and transparency. You are right, it is most important to nurture a healthy relationship with self first. Knowing and feeling that you are worthy of beautiful love without drama or judgement. I would be honored to have you check out my book on Amazon, “Relationship or Relationshit.” I think you will find it helpful. Surround yourself with love. The love you deserve. Make the tough decision to cut the cord and leave the toxicity. The Universe will have your back. Do not allow fear to keep you from moving forward into the unknown.

      Much love,

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