Simply Wondering

Laying on my back deck listening to the raindrops hitting the tin roof and simply wondering. It is January here in Atlanta with unseasonably warm weather. No complaints from me on that. The birds are still chirping while flying from tree branch to tree branch. The squirrels are running all around the back yard, jumping on the fence, and rustling through the few leaves that remain on the ground from the fall. Other than the birds, squirrels, and light rain, not much sound except for an occasional dog bark in the distance.

Lying here simply wondering. I guess you could call it reflecting in a sense. Or even pondering.

I often allow my mind to wonder. Sometimes too much. Challenging at times to reign it in to the present moment.

Today, I just allow it to wonder.

Wonder how I got here

Wonder how I’ll get there

Simply wondering.

Wondering how God will use me in this new year of 2022. I’ve learned that the “how” is not so much up to me. The willingness and desire belong to me. I have also learned it is when I have pure intentions coupled with positive emotions, that I see the manifestation of what I desire.

Wondering who will be in my life in 2022 and who’ll be gone. I have a tad bit of control over that, so simply wondering as I realize the necessity of letting go at times.

Wondering where I’ll be in terms of my physical being or even if my physical being will still exist through the new year. Either way, my spirit will most certainly exist even if the physical body transitions.

Wondering what the last quarter of my life will be like. That too I have some control over.

Wondering if the on and off depression that I’ve experienced most of my life will fade away as I work to abide more with spirit.

Wondering what the state of our country will be with all the hatred, division, greed, and ignorance that currently exist.

Simply wondering.

At the end of all this wondering, I know some truths despite how things may sometimes appear.

  • The world is still full of good people
  • There is an abundance of love
  • We have everything we need including each other
  • Healing begins in the mind as does everything
  • I am a unique expression of the divine
  • We are ONE, all created by ONE source

What would you like your 2022 to look like?

What are some things you are wondering about?

Pause. Take time to simply wonder.

Thank you so much for taking time to read my thoughts. I look forward to your thoughts as we all grow together.

Please leave a comment as it is the only way I know you’ve read the article. Your feedback inspires me to continue on.

Much love,


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7 Replies to “Simply Wondering”

  1. Vince, I always get so much out of you articles. I, too, am trying to live more spiritually. You help me do that. Thank you, Denise

  2. Vince, I really enjoy reading your articles. I knew you to be a caring n attentive person thru your Nursing Career as we worked side by side, but who knew you were such a minister of the soul. Thank for your inciteful and encouraging words.
    Mary Jo, RRT

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