What’s Your Favorite Room In The House?

What’s your favorite room in the house? I think we all have a room that we enjoy spending more time in as opposed to other rooms. Lately, I have been thinking about the many different rooms in my physical body as well. Which room do I spend the most time in? Should I be dividing my time more evenly among the rooms? In this article, I will discuss the many different rooms in our physical body and the importance of spending time in each room in an effort to obtain optimal health.

Our being, much like our physical home, has many different rooms. There is the spiritual room, mental room, and physical room. Also like our physical home, we must spend time in each room so the dust and cobwebs don’t obscure our view.

I used to live in a very large house and honestly, there were rooms I never went in. As a result, those rooms were stale with no life. Dust covered all the surfaces hiding the beauty of the art and furniture. The same is true for my physical being. I found myself spending a lot of time focusing on my physical being but not nurturing and spending time working on my spiritual and mental health. In other words, my spiritual room and mental rooms were dying due to lack of nurture and attention. The dust was thick. I finally came to the realization that a nice physique means nothing if you are depressed or not in alignment with spirit. 

The spiritual, mental, and physical body are one. It is kinda like the tires on our car. If just one is out of balance, you may have a bumpy ride. It is important that all 4 tires are in alignment.

Spending time in our spiritual, mental and physical room is essential for optimal health. I have found myself with big biceps but feeling empty and completely disconnected from my spirit. One can spend 7 days a week in the gym working on the physical body and still feel empty and disconnected because the spiritual room has been neglected.

Are you spending time feeding the spirit? Are you spending time taking care of  your mental health? Or are you just focused on your physical body? All are important. 

Think about how you can spend time in each room daily. Carve out the necessary time to nurture all aspects of your being. Make sure all 4 tires are in alignment.

I have found it important to have a physical practice daily as well as a practice that feeds my spirit and takes care of me mentally. Take that time in the gym, taking a walk or practicing yoga. It is vital to take care of the physical body. It is however also equally as vital that you take  time to meditate, pray or whatever you do to connect to that spiritual room. 

Have a great rest of your week and remember to take a walk in each room of your being daily. Spend a little time there. You will be more well rounded and have a better overall sense of well-being as a result.

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How are you spending time in each room daily? What is your favorite room? 

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