17 comments on “Contact

  1. Craig Cook

    Like to know you better!!!


  2. Tim johnson

    Hey Vince We became friends on Facebook not long ago… I admire your truthfulness and Honesty. You are the type of person you can easily talk too. I enjoy reading your page it’s always positive and thought prevoking


  3. Live yr mind!!!


  4. Jenni Slack

    Hey Vince I read this and totally agree, its beautiful! Im Ashleys momm!


    • Jenni,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I love working with Ashley. Thank you so much for signing up to follow my blog. It means a lot to me. I look forward to future feedback from you.

      Much love,


  5. Angela Davis

    Hi! I would like to be added to your list for e-mails please.
    Thank you,
    Angie Davis


  6. Great content. Very inspirational and thought provoking. Thank you!


  7. chuckhenry

    Thank you for sharing your journey.


  8. Charles

    Vince, you were referred to me by a caring friend at Browns Bridge Church….. Devastated and over whelmed with shame and guilt….my life was amazing and much better than I deserved until 4 years ago when I went through a divorce, lost my career and all that goes with a successful life. Sleeping on the floor on an air mattress at my moms tiny apartment and full of self pity…

    Need more daily focus on getting out of this pit of hell.


  9. Gigi Gould

    Vince – You are like a spring blossom slowly but surely opening up into its beauty and magnificence! Thanks for being such an inspiration!


  10. Very well said! !! Love it! !


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