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  1. Hi I am Hector and and really enjoy your quotes of daily gratitude I want to be in your mailing list.
    Hector Hernandez
    Thank you
    ” Know that you do not need anyone’s permission to do the right thing “

  2. Wow. I stumbled across your post on feeling disconnected from the community and it really resonated with me. I’m an ATL native and have been out in this city for 30 years. At 50 I’m acutely aware of the ageism that exists within our community. The older we get, the more invisible we become. And as a single 50 yr old, that just feeds the “damaged goods” perception that already plagues us bc we’re not in a relationship. It takes strong self-awareness and mindfulness to not give in to the insecurities bred by our own community.

    1. Brian,

      I love this. Thanks so much for your vulnerable response. It is difficult when you see profiles that say things like, “no one over 35.” You are so right. It takes strong self-awareness and mindfulness to know who you are and not be affected by these type of things. One thing for sure, we will all age if we are fortunate enough to do so.

      Much love to you my friend,

  3. Hey Vince We became friends on Facebook not long ago… I admire your truthfulness and Honesty. You are the type of person you can easily talk too. I enjoy reading your page it’s always positive and thought prevoking

    1. Jenni,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I love working with Ashley. Thank you so much for signing up to follow my blog. It means a lot to me. I look forward to future feedback from you.

      Much love,

  4. Vince, you were referred to me by a caring friend at Browns Bridge Church….. Devastated and over whelmed with shame and guilt….my life was amazing and much better than I deserved until 4 years ago when I went through a divorce, lost my career and all that goes with a successful life. Sleeping on the floor on an air mattress at my moms tiny apartment and full of self pity…

    Need more daily focus on getting out of this pit of hell.

  5. Vince – You are like a spring blossom slowly but surely opening up into its beauty and magnificence! Thanks for being such an inspiration!

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