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Hi, I’m Vince. I am a Critical Care Registered Nurse and Author. Welcome to my site. On this site you will be provided inspirational, educational, and motivational articles. It is my mission to have this information help you achieve Optimal Health which includes Physical Health, Spiritual Health, and Mental Health.

Writing is something I am very passionate about and it is also very cathartic for me. I would be honored to have you enter your email address to receive my articles straight to your inbox. Your support, love, and feedback are deeply appreciated.

I look forward to mutual sharing in an effort for us all to live a life of Optimal Health. It is my ultimate goal to create change and stimulate self healing.

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  1. Stephen Kollison McGill

    Thanks ever so much for helping out with thoughts and instructions as a new writer..I am very grateful 🙏 and appreciate your support

  2. I’m i aloud to send you a donation, your writings to me every time!

    • I have never asked for money from anyone but I would be deeply grateful for your donation. It certainly would allow me the opportunity to continue to spread positive, thought provoking messages. I appreciate you and your very existence in this world.

  3. Thank you Vince for all you do!

  4. Sylvester Dancy

    Blessing my friend,

    It’s truly a bless to share your spiritual to us and all that needs or want which will helps each individual to live and feel spiritual blessing and peace with an opening understanding from our hearts. Thank you so very much to reach out to me and sharing your encouragement. Many people may not believe or think it’s a waste of time, but it isn’t .. they never know unless they read it, feel it, mediated it, praying and much more that will help each of us to live peace and comfortable 🙏

    Thank you

    S. D.

  5. Annemarie Madden

    I have missed you so much Vincent “Michelle!” Cannot wait time reconnect and be inspired.

  6. James Graham

    Thank you for your love and support and encouragement, I hope you will grow more and more in all that you do.

  7. Edward Perkins

    Your words and thoughts are very inspiring ❤️❤️❤️

  8. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. You’re experiences can and will help a lot of us through our own similar experience. Stay amazing and blessed.😊

  9. john vermeer

    Just read of your struggle with co-dependency, Vince, and I’ve been there. The minute I’ve entered a relationship, a terrible fear of losing it has always taken over, but I couldn’t define what was happening and why but recognized it as familiar. What you had to say is so important yet few people talk about it. I learned of it late from an educated and intellectual partner whom I had for two years until my dependency became so overwhelming that I left. What I feared most was HIS independence, that he would leave ME as he was 22 years younger. I’ve never been able to replace the intimacy I experienced with him and never could achieve again what I had with him, though I realized it wasn’t healthy. And so did he. I now reside with two male friends, both whom are RN’s, and we have achieved a balanced life together but with no emotional co-dependency. I realize the importance of having my own beautiful life and it can’t be gained by attaching myself at the hip to someone else.

    Best to you from South Carolina.

    • John,

      I do not know you personally but am so grateful for your response and I thank you for sharing. I think many of us have had a very similar experience as yours. I have found that I let fear screw up a lot of things for me. I am working with an energy healer currently to be able to release that fear. I love that you’ve found 2 friends to live with. My friends are my rock. I don’t have the stress of emotional codependency as you pointed out but there are also no expectations with true friends. Only love and acceptance. That’s what I love about friends. If only we had that in romantic relationships.

      Thanks again for sharing. I look forward to more dialogue with you and wish you the best.

      Much love,

  10. Walter D. Woods

    Your are a blessing wrapped in joy in a package filled with LOVE

    • Walter,

      Thank you so much for your beautiful kind words. I am growing and evolving more each day. God (Spirit, Creator, Universe) has been so incredibly faithful and good to me despite my not being so good at times.

      I am grateful to have you in my life. You are a blessing to me. You are a great example for others to follow.

      Much love,

  11. clifford1968

    Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world.

  12. Glenn J.

    I love you’re positive energy and word of encouragement and wisdom. Continued Blessings to you and your family and friends!

  13. Junior brown

    Continue to work hard in silence Vince,and make noise with success🙌🏻🙌🏻 blessings

  14. Timothy V. Stokes-Haynes

    I love what you inspire others to accomplish!

    • Timothy,

      I am really grateful for your words, love, and support. I look forward to more mutual sharing. Have an abundant week.


  15. Amy Wall Mook

    Thank you for your wonderful energy and spirit. It is a pleasure to be under your care again. Amy Mook

    • Amy,

      I am equally grateful for your wonderful energy and spirit. It was a pleasure talking with you and your husband today. I look forward to continued communication as I send healing light and love your way.

      Be well,

  16. Ltanya Williams

    Today I came across your articles and they are awesome keep up the good work

    • Lyanya,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I truly appreciate your love and support. I look forward to more feedback from you.

      Be blessed,

  17. Loving the blogging.

    J. Tebias

    • J. Tebias,

      Really appreciate your feedback brother. Mean a lot to hear from you and to know that my writing is resonating with you. Thanks for your love and support.


  18. Vince,
    I am also a critical care nurse myself and found your recent article an inspiration to possibly do some of my own creative writing. Regardless, I felt inspired to check you out.
    Recently read an article “Whose Right Is It Anyway?” from Q Magazine and found your words to echo that of my own thoughts and sentiments. It was a breathe of fresh air to know that I’m not the only one that believes that religion is being used, again, as an excuse to commit atrocities against each other and discrimination against minorities, classes and races. It’s irony that history has a way of repeating itself; however, one’s own beliefs should never equate to intolerance and judgement against another. It is increasingly apparent to me in these times, men (and I use that term to mean both men and women) have a way of creating confusion in society which lead to division rather than unification; ignorance is an opportunity for malicious intentions. It is true; wars and court battles are based on religious fantasy without truly understanding what it is they are truly fighting for. If one is to use religion to justify causation, one should seek understanding first and not pick and choose what makes a seemingly sound argument. You’re right. Jesus did sit with the scribes and Pharisees and spoke of love and forgiveness not bigotry, hate and confusion. Instead of making proclamations of division and hate, we should be preaching on respect, tolerance and understanding. So, whatever happened to “love thy neighbor as thyself”? Apparently that fell to the wayside. Life is too short. Life is too beautiful to share alone. Life is to interesting to not seek understanding from another. It’s our God-given right to life, the right to be loved, the right to freedom and the right to choice.

    • Gabriel,

      What a beautifully written response. I appreciate your perspective and kind words. I look forward to communicating with you more.

      Much love,

      • Vince,

        Thank you. A well written piece deserves a well written and thoughtful response. I very much look forward to corresponding with you more. Perhaps we’ll cross paths.

        Respectfully yours,

  19. I love what I’ve read so far. Time will tell.

  20. Walter Woods

    Vince, I am not sure how I discovered you on Facebook but what a joy to know that you are in the world focusing on helping others improve their well-being. You are an angel on earth.

    • Walter,

      I believe people’s path cross for a distinct reason. As a previous blog title puts it, “Time will Tell.” Thanks for your support and input. I look forward to more feedback from you.


  21. 💕

  22. Great blog and I love the intersectionality with faith and health. You offer a holistic view of the human condition and your writings are engaging. I look forward to reading more content!

  23. Interesting blog and meaningful messages. Keep up the good work.

  24. Carl Hardison II

    Have really enjoyed your writing Vince. I’m inspired to put pen to paper. Keep it up.

  25. Karen Shifflett Conley

    I lived over Aubreys garage as a young teenager and i remember you and vanessa..great family..look forward to follow..i read your blog on quiet time..i call that mindfullness…being in the moment..enjoyed

  26. Maurice "Reese" Bailey, Jr.

    Words heal. Looking forward to reading your blog… All about Optimal Health.

  27. Great blog.

  28. Look forward to reading more

  29. Nice

  30. Can’t wait

  31. Nice

  32. Look forward to it

  33. Well said

  34. Very good

  35. Great

  36. Great

  37. Looking forward to reading more. Well done.

  38. Diane Chapman

    Hope this does it correctly. You know I am challenged in this field so be patient

  39. Francisco J Zuleta

    Thanks Vince. Keep that good work.You are an awesome guy. God bless you man.

  40. Thanks Vince for sharing your link… I look forward to reading your blog

    • Thanks Derrick,
      Make sure to check out the latest blog, “Knowing Thyself” by clicking on the icon on the right. Really appreciate your feedback.

  41. Dianna Bell

    Hi Vince, I Can’t wait to read your Blog! I Love reading inspirational uplifting stories. Looking forward to reading your blog! !!

    • Thanks Dianna,

      Make sure to check out the blog on the right hand side entitled “Knowing Thyself”. Appreciate your support

  42. Rodney King

    Looking forward to some enlightenment! Keep up the good work

  43. Such an inspiration. I would love to follow your blogs on a weekly basis. Thank you!!!

    • Oh Sheila, thank you so much for your kind words. Make sure to sign up for my weekly blogs in your email. Read the “Knowing Thyself” blog. Then click in the leave a reply box. Once you click in the leave a reply box, another box with pop up below that giving you the option to subscribe to my email list and get the blogs straight to your email every week. Thank you so much for your support.

      Peace and blessings

  44. Looking forward to reading more! You always had such a positive spirit every time I was around you!

    • Micaela,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. Be sure to sign up for my weekly blogs to your email. Read the “Knowing Thyself” blog, then click in the leave a reply box. You’ll then be prompted to sign up for my email list. Thanks again for all your support. It means a lot.

  45. Fantastic…..can’t wait to hear and read about your experiences

    • Van,

      Thanks so much for your response. I look forward to more of your feedback. Feedback from the readers is essential for my growth.

  46. Awesome! Can’t wait to read more☺️☺️

    • Thank you LaToya. Don’t forget to click on the blog link and read my weekly blogs. You will also have the opportunity to sign up to receive the weekly blogs by email which I hope you will do. Look forward to sharing more with you.

  47. Donna Cave

    Sounds great can’t wait to read more

    • Thank you Donna. Make sure to click on the blog icon and check out the blogs. There is also an opportunity to leave a reply at the end of each blog. The little blog icon is located at the top of the page. Look forward to hearing more from you and appreciate your input.

  48. Awesome! Can’t wait to read more !

  49. Insanely Passionate Writer, get to writing. I’m ready to read. I too seek optimal health which for me means serious un-duping! Let’s go!

    • Thanks for the feedback. I will post weekly blogs on Sundays and will always be open to your feedback. Are there any particular subjects you are interested in learning more about?

  50. Trena Varnum

    Love you my precious friend.

  51. Well said

    • Dear Anonymous,

      Thank you so much. I hope you will continue to follow my website and blog on a weekly basis.

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