Knowing Thyself


As I start a new week, I pause to think about and evaluate my relationships.  Specifically, I think about my relationships with the environment, my co-workers, friends, family, and most of all myself.  I also think about my relationship with the Oneness, which I define as everything I see, touch, smell, and hear.  I invite you to do the same.

I ask myself, are my relationships healthy?  What contributions am I making toward my relationships?  Are they positive or negative contributions?  For example, in looking at my relationship with the environment, am I aware of my environment and things I could be doing to make it a healthier one?  In looking at my relationship with myself, am I treating myself with loving kindness?  Am I taking care of my physical and mental being in an effort to achieve optimal health?

Research has shown that a healthy diet and active lifestyle lead to greater longevity and increased happiness.  It is about valuing ourselves enough to take care of our bodies and nurture our minds with positive thoughts.  What we put in, we get out.  If we put positive thoughts and energy into our minds, we get peace and happiness in return.  If we put good nutrient dense foods into our bodies, we get good health and lack of disease in return.  It is the whole cause and effect law in action.  Our thoughts and actions (which are the cause), lead to the effect or the outcome.  What I have found true for myself is that, the way I feel is a direct effect of my thoughts and/or actions.

In conclusion, it is important to ask ourselves these questions and to evaluate, and think about, our relationships.  Again, it is about all our relationships that help us create a happier, more balanced life that leads to optimal health.  Today I stop to reflect on how I can foster better relationships and I hope you will be encouraged and inspired to do the same.

As always, your comments and feedback are so appreciated and welcomed.  I look forward to hearing from you. Have a peaceful week and I will see you again next Sunday where I will share more of my thoughts.