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Every person is wired to connect with others. But sometimes self-limiting situations and toxic people can short out that wiring, leading you down a path to loneliness and regret. There’s only one person who can carry you through the shit and into healthy relationship habits: You

It all starts with you.  

Relationships can be tricky, time-consuming, and confusing. Some relationships are worth investing in; others can turn out to be relationshits that eat you up then spit you out. How do you know when to hold on tighter, or when to let go?

In this practical, down-to-earth book, renowned transformational speaker Vince Shifflett teaches you how to set the foundation for the most important relationship you have—your relationship with yourself. With solid self-love in place, each chapter will venture into helping you cultivate beneficial relationships with God, family, friends, lovers, your mind, your past, and even your future goals.

Packed with Shifflett’s medical insights as a registered nurse, unique hard-earned truths, and heartbreaking experiences, Relationship or Relationshit is the road map you need to avoid the shit life throws at you, and instead foster the wisdom you need to succeed in life. Through his straightforward message, you’ll cultivate a new approach to help you avoid relationshits and embrace rich relationships that you can count on.     

Relationship or Relationshit is perfect for readers of Rainie Howard’s Addicted to Pain, is candidly personal like Michael Todd’s Relationship Goals, and uses a straightforward approach like Gary John Bishop’s Unfu*k Yourself.

Relationship or Relationshit: Which One Are You In?

Grab a copy of my debut book to improve your relationship with yourself, with your past, your mind, your spirit, your romantic partners and with others. In other words, get out of the shit and into the ship in an effort to live a more peaceful life. You may also purchase the book on Amazon if you prefer. If you are out of the country, you will need to purchase from Amazon as opposed to purchasing here. The listed price includes shipping and handling. Your love and support are deeply appreciated and I know you’ll LOVE the read. I look forward to your feedback. My latest book in the series, “Nurturing Notes” is below. Please indicate when ordering which book you would like. If you choose to order both books, the price would be $25.00 for the two.


My latest book in a series of books on relationships. I hope you will decide to get yourself and those you love a copy in an effort for us all to have better relationships and learn as we go.

The book is also available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and anywhere books are sold.

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