What Are You Giving?

The importance of giving cannot be emphasized enough. Giving is really the only way to receive. I always like to say, “the best way to elevate yourself is by elevating others.” When I give, I am sure to receive. That is just the way the spiritual law works. I reap from the seeds I sow in giving. If nothing is ever planted, then nothing will ever grow. It may not be what I expected to reap, how I expected to reap, or in the time I expected to reap, but I will reap. The important thing is to just give, trusting and knowing that it will return to me. Not expecting, but simply trusting and knowing. There is a difference.

I have found that If I need love, I simply give more love. If I need money, I give more money. If I need a listening ear, I provide that listening ear for someone else. If I am trying to sell a product, I support someone else by purchasing their product. Whatever it is that I need, I give that to someone else with pure intention and it always returns to me.

So, what are you giving?

There are many ways to give such as giving your love, your compassion, your time, monetary gifts and the list goes on. Give an extra couple bucks in tip to your wait staff at the restaurant or your barista at the coffee shop. When is the last time you gave?

What would the world be like if we gave love even when love wasn’t given back to us? What if we showed compassion even when we are not personally shown compassion? What if we give support even if in the moment we do not feel supported? What if we give expecting absolutely NOTHING in return? That is where the true blessing and joy of giving lies. Giving with no expectations or intentions to receive.

My partner said to me last week, “How many more packages are you going to get delivered to this door?” We both chuckled. For the last several months, I have ordered everything from skin care products, fine art, CBD products, books, pottery, and the list goes on and on. Ordered all from independent retailers. Ordered simply to give my support to the indie creatives.

I have enough books from indie authors to keep me reading a while.  And boy oh boy has the Universe ever blessed me in return. Blessed in many ways I could have never dreamed. Every person I purchased something from did not purchase something from me or support me personally. And that is fine. I did not and still do not expect them to. Being an indie creative myself, I know the struggle is real. Again, for me it is about elevating others because I trust and know that elevation will come back to me.

When I start comparing what I’ve given to someone as opposed to what they’ve given me, it totally negates the beauty in what was given. Although I know I will receive, I have found it important to not give only to receive. I have also found that my receiving may come through a channel completely unexpected but I missed it because I was to focused on where I expected it to come from. I expected it to come from the person I gave it to. This is where trust in the spiritual law comes in handy.

People give for many reasons. I think some give for recognition. Some give out of pure intention. Some give because it is who they are at the core of their being.

It is my intention to continue giving. It has proven to be a huge blessing to me. In this new year, I want to give more love, more compassion, more time and energy where I feel it is needed. I want to volunteer for those less fortunate. I want to continue to give to each one of you by sharing my thoughts and experiences in an effort to create change and stimulate self-healing.

I encourage you to think more about your giving. What are you giving? Give more and give in a spirit of love. And remember, the intention behind our giving is far more important than the giving itself.

I have been terribly humbled by all you’ve given to me this year. Your love and support continue to bless and encourage me as I try to make a positive difference in this world through my gift of writing. There would definitely be no me without you. So, thank you from the deepest place in my heart.

Much love,