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Believe in your Greatness

I am so excited to introduce the first in my new line of positive quote tee shirts.

When we truly believe in our own greatness is when greatness begins to show up. It shows up in our jobs, our relationships and in our personal lives.

We were created by greatness which makes us great.

Check out the long sleeve dark navy for fall and winter. It also comes in short sleeve heather gray.

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Have an awesome beautiful weekend,


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Awaken to the Darkness

Into the darkness. Seems I travel there far too often. What are the benefits of being in the dark? It is a given that we all go there more than once in our life. Some go more often and some stay longer when they do go. What does one do in the dark? Some common synonyms for darkness include gloom, evil, corruption, sin and absence of light. I see darkness as absence of truth (light) in consciousness. In this article, I will talk about the dark times in our life as well as in my personal life. I will talk about the challenges and the benefits of spending time in the dark.

I have found that I allow different things to send me into the dark space. It is important to be aware of the triggers that send you there. Everything begins in the mind including the journey into darkness. As odd as it may sound, there have been many times when the darkness has actually allowed me to see the light. Darkness not only implies no light but it also implies stillness. As a result, that stillness is sometimes the catalyst that allows us to be enlightened. When thinking about it this way, darkness can mean light.

Many spiritual gurus today talk about living in the light, being awake, being enlightened, and living your best life. All fine and good. In my experience however, something far more raw and real is needed from us. I hear a lot of talk about awakening to the light but not much talk about awakening to the darkness. You cannot reach the light without going down into the darkness. Down into the anger, the shame and the hurt. It is important to be honest and courageous enough to deal with the ugly stuff. Be honest about it. Yes, it is sometimes dark but we must go down there and deal with it before we ever fully see the light.

My dark times have certainly been painful. It has felt as if I couldn’t see my way forward. I was scared to take a step because it was dark and I was afraid I would fall. It was the fear of the unknown that the darkness gave me. I could not see what was ahead. All I could do was sit still. In the stillness, I would often cry. In the stillness of the dark, I have often felt depressed and alone. Being aware of those emotions in the dark is important as it relates to one’s ability to deal with them. If we get scared and run from them or run to the light, we miss out on the lesson. We miss out on the true awakening of the darkness.

Different situations such as loss of a loved one, break up of a relationship, and our past can lead us into the dark. I believe there is always a lesson to learn in the dark.  I have learned to bow to an infinite point inside myself and just rest there. Rest and listen. I am also learning not to question the darkness but instead embrace it and have faith that light is on the way.

As a kid, I used to be afraid of the dark. Now I am familiar with it and appreciate the lessons I’ve learned there. The darkness has changed me. It has evolved me into a better version of myself. It wasn’t the light that taught me the lessons and allowed me to evolve. It was the darkness.

When you find yourself in the darkness, don’t be afraid. Awaken to it and allow yourself to be there. Then when the light pops back on you’ll be more enlightened and in a better space spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Much love,


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Focused Breathing: Spiritual, Physical, and Mental Benefits

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What’s Under The Rug?

I’m quite sure we’ve all heard the saying, “sweeping it under the rug.” As a matter of fact, most of us are probably guilty of doing just that. I know I am. What’s under your rug? I guess it’s just another way of saying, “What are you hiding?”

I remember as a kid when I was asked to sweep the kitchen floor, I would sweep under the rug what I could not get up in the dust pan. My mother, being the super clean woman, she was, decided to check after me one day so she lifted up the rug. There she found all the crumbs I had been sweeping under the rug. From that point on, she decided to just take the rugs up before I started sweeping. That brings me to another saying I’m sure you’ve heard. “Everything that is in the dark will eventually come to light.” All the stuff I was sweeping under the rug in the kitchen was eventually discovered.

Are we all hiding something under the rug? Do we all have secrets? What are the things in your personal life that you’ve chosen to sweep under the rug as opposed to addressing?

Addressing the issues is more work. Sweeping them under the rug doesn’t make them go away. It just temporarily hides them out of site. Doing the work to address the issues will ensure the area under the rug is nice and clean like the area outside of the rug. Addressing the issues instead of hiding them will keep the internal self and external self in alignment with each other.

What are you hiding inside? Are you laughing on the outside and crying on the inside? Are you pretending to be something on the outside while all along a different you on the inside? Does your inside represent what’s under the rug?

I used to always hear, “there are skeletons in everyone’s closet?” I tend to think there is also dirt and crumbs under everyone’s rug. But what would happen if we decided to keep it clean under the rug? Metaphorically speaking, what would happen if we decided to not hide things under the rug and keep secrets. But instead to clean out the skeletons in our closet and live a life of authenticity, transparency and honesty.

I grew up hiding shit. Spider webs all over the skeletons in my closet. It was filthy under my rug. Secrets lead to sickness. In an effort to be our best self and live a life of optimal spiritual, physical and mental health, perhaps we should address the crumbs under the rug. Once and for all, take the necessary steps to clean them out so the inside is as clean as the outside. When company comes over, we can be assured that the whole house is clean. Even under the rug.

It is my intention to not hide anything in my life but to instead be my true self. If that true self at the moment is depressed and sad, then so be it. I can work to change that if I don’t try to sweep it under the rug and pretend it doesn’t exist. If my true self at the moment is happy and blissful, then awesome. I will bask in it.

Have an awesome week everyone. Take a moment to evaluate what your inner self is feeling like. What’s on the inside? What’s under your rug?

As always, I look forward to your feedback and am deeply grateful for the existence of each of you.



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Recovery and Relationships: Should Newcomers Wait?

Jeff Vickers is a new author, copywriter and content writer. 

After a 30-year battle with addiction, Jeff was transformed by embracing the power of recovery. A self-proclaimed, “sober enthusiast,” his passion is helping people grow in their sobriety.  

After becoming fascinated by the power of recovery mottos, Jeff looked for books on the subject. Finding none, he decided to write one himself. The result is a series entitled, “Sober Slogans.” The first book of the series, “Recovery Mottos We Love,” available now on Amazon! 

Jeff loves to write wearing his favorite Star Wars pajamas, while listening to Damien Escobar. When he is not writing, Jeff spends time binging on old episodes of “Shark Tank,” with his partner, Sara. 

Aside from being excited about the release of his first book, Jeff says, “I’m excited about getting married soon.”  

He is currently working on the second book of the series, “Sober Slogans.” 

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