The Roller Coaster: 10/02/2016

Roller Coaster

Roller Coasters. I was never a fan. The jerks, quick turns, sudden drops, and high speeds just have never been my cup of tea. Unfortunately, I ride one everyday. The roller coaster of life. The ups and downs, quick jerks, and sudden drops are all part of it. I prefer to be on the ground.   Grounded and secure. Unfortunately that is just not how life works.

Recently the roller coaster has jerked me around quite a bit. There have been sudden drops and quick unexpected turns. My instinct has been to hold on tight for dear life. My instinct has been to allow the roller coaster to fill me with sadness, fear, anxiety and other emotions. I am slowly but surely learning the value of letting go instead of holding on so tightly. Just let go and enjoy the ride. It is a work in progress for me, no doubt. As soon as I feel grounded and secure, here comes another sudden drop or quick unexpected turn that jerks me to the core.

One of the things I deal with in my personal life is the periodic sudden onset of depression and overwhelming sadness. I am not always able to put my finger on a cause. It is at times debilitating. I do not understand why or exactly where this comes from but it is something I have dealt with probably for the past 10 years. It started with a series of losses in my life. The loss of my 18-year relationship, the loss of my mother, and the loss of my dear pet, Sam. I have learned to deal with it more effectively now by changing my thoughts and focus. Even at best, there are times when I spend quite a bit of time in the sudden drop of the roller coaster of life

What am I to learn from the sudden drops? What am I to learn from the ups and downs of the roller coaster? Life is an ongoing classroom for me. A continual learning about myself. A continual growing process to allow me to be better equipped to handle the roller coaster. It is an ongoing process that is allowing me more everyday to ride without fear, anxiety, and sadness.

As much as I enjoy being grounded and secure, I set my intention today to take my seat on the roller coaster of life. To ride out the ups and downs. To ride out every sudden drop and quick unexpected turn.   Eventually it will come to a stop safe and secure on the ground. Have no fear it will start up again. That is the nature of this life. Learning to experience the whole process is vital to ultimate growth and happiness.

When I write this weekly Sunday blog, I am writing to myself. It has been a great reminder to me of many important concepts in life. It has been therapeutic for me and given me a lot to think about. It is my hope that in some way it has been helpful for you as well. What has been your experience on this roller coaster? How have your dealt with the sudden drops and quick jerky turns? I would love to hear your stories.

Best wishes to you all on the roller coaster of life. Take it all in. My wish is for much peace and love to you all.

See you next Sunday for my Weekly Sunday blog.

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  1. Well I always hope we’re going to see our lost loved ones again but then again there’s probably been some people in my life I’d rather NOT see again. As for the roller coaster of life, running is my answer to that roller coaster. I run a lot slower these days but running is my therapy-my Prozac. Life takes a downward turn and a quick run makes me feel more content.

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