The Other Side Of The Coin

There seems to be a tremendous amount of information out there that is meant to help us on our journey through this life, all of which I appreciate deeply and even write about myself in my weekly blog. The information serves as a great reminder and road map for me to stay on track spiritually. I rely on the information and inspiration from others, as well as my own inner GPS, to guide me and keep me more aware.

There is the other side of the coin, however, which is reality. The other side of the coin is the fact that we will experience sadness, darkness, frustration, confusion and other challenging moments on our journey. To say, or pretend, that these emotions do not exist or that we are in some way at fault for feeling them, is not reality. To somehow think that you are less spiritual for having these emotions is a non-truth. Yes I do believe that our thoughts create our reality but I also believe in reality itself. We must embrace the other side of the coin and not judge ourselves for the feelings we are experiencing.

On a personal level, this has been a week on the other side of the coin for me. I have experienced frustration, sadness, confusion, and a bit of darkness. Even being conscious of that, it has still been a struggle for me to stay out of the quicksand so to speak. If we never experience darkness, we will have no appreciation for the light. I appreciate all the positive affirmations, inspirational messages, and new thought philosophies that are out there. I practice them and firmly believe in them. I know from personal experience that they work. With that being said, there will still be times on the other side of the coin.

I am happy to say that I flipped the coin over this morning to the positive side. I am back on track for the moment. For me, it takes a constant reminding myself of the truth. The truth that says I am all I need. The truth that says the one source and one creator lives in me and flows through me to the degree that I allow him to. The truth that says happiness is an inside job as cliché as that might sound. The truth that says infinite possibilities exists for all of us to the degree that we are willing to trust and believe.

It was a rough week emotionally. I know many spiritual leaders and new thought thinkers teach and believe that we should not confess that or talk about that. It has been my experience that it is part of life. The rich, poor, famous, and most noted spiritual leaders all experience time on the other side of the coin. Having said that, I do know it is vital to move on from it once you’ve allowed yourself time to process it and be with it. We learn lessons from the other side of the coin when we are able to embrace it and not disregard it, judge ourselves for it, or pretend it doesn’t exist.

Today I express gratitude for both sides of the coin. They are both important for our growth and fulfillment. They are both important for answering the hard questions in our life. Be encouraged today and know that we all spend time on the other side of the coin. It is up to each individual how long you stay there. Mindful awareness gives us the power to flip the coin over at anytime and continue towards growth and self-healing, and to continue to think about the lessons learned from being on the other side of the coin.

I look forward to seeing you next Sunday for my weekly Sunday blog. I appreciate your support and feedback as always. It is my deepest hope that by sharing my weekly thoughts and personal experiences, you will grow and be more fulfilled on your journey.


IMG_0299Vince Shifflett is a Thought Contributor, Critical Care Nurse, and Published Writer who writes about physical, mental, and spiritual matters that impact our Optimal Health. I hope you will follow his weekly blog at You can join the thousands already signed up by entering your email address on the website. Your love and support are greatly appreciated and we look forward to your feedback.  

12 Replies to “The Other Side Of The Coin”

  1. Vince, you are right we all experience the other side, yet our Faith and Truth help us to hold on to our reality of Life, You are a Great Example of a Good Man and I for one appreciates you sharing and being real other your Blogs… Love and Peace my Friend… And you are Great on the Eyes.. 😘😘😘😘

    1. Terre,

      Thank you so much for your response and kind words. I try to be a good example but like most, I fail at times. You are also great and I appreciate you.


  2. Love the post “The other Side of the Coin”! It is really about mature spirituality which embraces both darkness and light. There is so much quick-fix so called spirituality out there. Keep up the good work Vince!

    1. Intuitivespiritualityblog,

      Thank you so much for your thoughtful response. You are right, spirituality is a work in progress. It a daily work and not a quick-fix. I have to bring myself back to center daily. I am very appreciative of your support and feedback.

  3. My Dear Vince,
    Thanks for sharing your week experiences; they resonate within my journey in the many levels. If you please allow me to share my perspective: I allow myself to dive into both side of the coin constantly, consciously and unconsciously; knowing that the comom denominator is me (expression of Source in existence as me). It is in this experiments of allowing me to step into darkness, into light, and/or in between, that I hug myself with love, that I learn to understand life itself, what is fascinating to me? Is that in my darkness I find wounds of my past that are expose in the present, in the light I find my highest self, but in the middle I find the work I must do, the transcendental moment, the opportunity to be, what I choose to be? That I called blessings of existence, it is there that I find deeper understanding of my existence, in the middle of both sides. I continually love myself, engaging life fully, to the best level of my understanding, with each day that brings me life I am grateful.

    Love you and keep loving you
    7 Blessings.

  4. Vince I am happy to know that you can redirect the current of those negative energies and shift them back to the opposite polarity. I love the coin analogy because I resonate with it. It is all part of one creation which is the universe. We have a powerful mind that we can learn to be the pilot of. If we become experienced enough we can be Masters of our Innerverse.

    1. Thank you Donavan. Really appreciate your feedback and support. By the way, not sure about the “young man” part. LOL
      But thank you anyway.

      Peace and blessings.

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